George W. Mead Wildlife Refuge

George W Mead wildlife refuge

Nestled in the Little Eau Pleine River valley, the George W. Mead Wildlife Area encompasses over 33,000 acres of open marshes, hardwood and aspen forests and grasslands. Biking, hiking, paddling, hunting, and wildlife watching are all available recreation sports. Be sure to visit the site for open trails, hours, and maps.

Mead is one of the largest wildlife areas in Wisconsin, comprising the most extensive contiguous state ownership of wildlife lands. Two conifer bog state natural areas showcasing the tamarack and black spruce ecosystem are on the property. 

Mead's diverse habitats harbor abundant wildlife species such as deer, turkey, bear, grouse, otter, beaver, muskrats, herons, prairie chickens, fox, coyote, eagles, wolves and bobcats. It is an important resting, feeding and nesting site for migrating waterfowl, shorebirds and songbirds. Over 267 bird species have been documented on the property. Except for designated refuge areas, the property is open to hunting and trapping during the regular seasons.