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Sustainable Slopes

Snowmaking at Granite Peak

Sustainable Slopes Help the Environment

You may have noticed new recycling bins around our area. This sustainability initiative has been in partnership with Greenheck Group, Waste Management & Sun Printing.

Thank you for helping us sort between our aluminum cups, cans, plastic and waste as we try to lessen our carbon footprint!

Aluminum Cups

Aluminum Cups from Greenheck Group

Our sustainability partner Greenheck Group has once again stepped up to help us offer easy to recycle aluminum cups for our beverage service across the resort.  These aluminum Ball Cups are not only easily recyclable they also make for great take home souvenirs from our resort!  Perfect for a party, summer use and more!  

Trash Containers

Recycling Bins

You probably noticed around our resort brightly colored recycling bins at various key locations.  These bins are your typical residential bins donated by Waste Management and wrapped by local printer Sun Printing!  These receptacles are easily identifiable and with your help will help our team sort through our cups.  

Sundance Recycling Sorting Station

Sundance Waste Collection

During your stay at Granite Peak, when you are complete with your meal, break, or drink inside our Sundance Chalet please deliver your used tray, waste, and recycling products to our sorting station at the East exit.  Simply place your tray on the racks or on the tables and our team will do the rest!