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Donation Request

Annually, Granite Peak donates well over $10,000 in in-kind and cash donations towards fundraising and charitable events.

We are happy to take local & charitable organization donation requests.

Granite Peak and Midwest Family Ski Resorts are honored to participate in and support our local community and charitable organizations. As you can imagine we receive many inquiries and unfortunately we cannot participate in all of them. Local non-profit, educational programs and community-based fundraising efforts are prioritized. Donation requests are reviewed weekly by our donation committee. Please allow ample time for your request to be reviewed. All donation requests should be made at least a month ahead of the fundraising event date.  

Please fill out the form completely. The more detail, the higher chance of your request being processed



What would you like us to donate?
What type of Event are you hosting?
Please provide information on your organization's work and tell us how you will acknowledge this donation at your event. It would also be helpful to understand your fundraising goals.
Tell Us About Your Event
What is your fundraising goal for your event?
Tell Us About Your Organization
(Tax id #) Only enter if your organization has 501(c)(3) status.
What is your organization's cause?
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