Hatley Snowmobile Club

hatley snowbmobile club

Formed in August of 1971 our club currently consists of over 50 members of all ages including individuals and entire families! Our members are all volunteers and make our extensive grooming, trail maintenance, group rides, meals, and fund-raising events possible throughout the year. We are always looking for new members (and new ideas) to share in the fun and comradery that comes from belonging to a group of snowmobiling enthusiasts! 

HSC maintains over 42 miles of trails that surround highway 29 from the county line in the East and over to highway J in the West. Our trails are groomed 6 days a week and feature scenic Northwoods beauty through woods, hills, and wide-open fields. We also groom over 18 miles of the historic Mountain-Bay trail that connects the cities of Wausau and Green Bay. One of the highlights of the Mountain-Bay is our 1,337-foot long wooden bridge just East of Hatley. It was built in 1997 and is believed to be the longest snowmobile bridge in the state!