Adult Group Lessons

Adult (13+) Group Lessons are a great way to learn with friends and or new friends!


    Adult Group Lesson Programs

    ADULT (13+) Weekend LESSONS: $190

    Adult Group Lessons are offered on weekends only throughout the ski season starting after Christmas/Holiday Vacation Week.  

    Lessons are two hours and are for adults (13+) who are beginners or never-ever skiers.

    LESSON TIMES: 1p - 3p

    • Must be booked two (2) weeks in advance. 
    • Pricing is inclusive of rental equipment if necessary. Lift ticket is not included.  


    These all-inclusive, two-week camps are for anyone ages 18 & up who wants to advance their skills, and have fun with a group of people who experience the same love of carving up the slopes.

    Lessons are two hours for two weeks and are for adults (18 years of age) who are beginners or never-ever skiers.

    OFFERED: December & March (Dates TBD) 

    LESSON TIMES: 5:30p - 7:30p

    • Must be booked in advance.
    • Pricing is inclusive of rental equipment and lift ticket!

    Alpine Learning Center Policies

    We understand things happen and unforeseen circumstances can change plans. These policies are to ensure the accessibility of lessons for all. Our Alpine Learning Center will always work to understand each case and reschedule to the best of our ability.


    Please understand that lessons are in high demand and at times sold out. To respect the time of our instructors and others who need lessons, please read the policies below to fully understand your responsibilities when booking.


    Our Alpine Learning Center Desk is located in our Administration Building.  When you arrive take a left as you walk in our main gate entrance. Check in to your lesson there. We'll get you set up to meet your instructor outside our Ski School Yurt at the time of your scheduled lesson.

    Please note: Grab your lift ticket (and rentals) first to be ready for your lesson. Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your lesson to check in and get the most out of your time!


    Purchase of lessons indicates that you have read and agree to all Alpine Learning Center policies, including Cancellation Policies (see below).

    • Full payment is required in advance to secure booking.
    • The purchase of lessons does not include a lift ticket or rental equipment.
    • In the event that a child is no longer a willing participant in their lesson, we will contact the parent/guardian to pick up the child. We respect the autonomy of children, and will never force any student of any age to participate.
    • Our instructors and programs are not licensed Child Care facilities. When contacted, parents must come immediately to pick up their child. If not adhered to, the resulting penalty may vary.
    • In the event that a lesson must end prematurely (due to participation, equipment, or injury), it is solely up to the Alpine Learning Center to determine the outcome of a potential credit voucher.


    • All lessons canceled within 5 days of the lesson date will be assessed a $10 cancellation fee.
    • All lessons canceled within 2 days of the lesson date will be non-refundable with no exceptions.
    • If the guest wishes to reschedule, they must do so prior to 2 days from their arrival.
    • Lessons can only be rescheduled ONE time and will incur a $10 rescheduling fee.
    • Once a lesson has been rescheduled, it becomes non-refundable if the guest wishes to cancel.


    • Lessons can only be rescheduled ONE time and will incur a $10 rescheduling fee.
    • In the event your lesson needs to be rescheduled, we cannot guarantee an available time on the date of your arrival. We recommend rescheduling at least 5 days in advance.
    • Once a lesson has been rescheduled, it becomes non-refundable if the guest wishes to cancel.
    • Lessons will not be extended, rescheduled, prorated, or refunded due to the late arrival of guests.
    • Arrive at the Alpine Learning Center for check-in at least 20 minutes prior to your lesson, ready* to be on the hill.
      • *Tickets purchased and RFID pass acquired with rental equipment (if necessary) purchased, fitted, and with you.