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Event Tickets

All event tickets are 100% non-refundable.

Season Pass

Any Season Pass can be cancelled prior to opening day for any reason without penalty if purchased prior to the September 30, 2021 early season deadline. Season Passes are non-refundable and cannot be transferred if purchased after September 30th unless the Pass Protection Plan (see below) has been purchased.

Season Passes are small pieces of technology that carry information about you and should be kept like a belonging, license or credit card.  If you lose a pass a day ticket will be issued for $5.  Should you not find your pass a replacement fee of $50 will be accessed to print a new pass.


Hotel/Lodging Cancellation

Lodging Packages are designed to give guests the best value on lodging and lift tickets. Packages may be cancelled without penalty until three (3) days prior to the arrival date. Packages become non-cancellable and non-refundable two or less days prior to the arrival date.

Lift Tickets & Rental Equipment Cancellation

Tickets and Rentals are non-refundable. Credit vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase and may be issued for online orders that have not been redeemed at the ticket window.

Taxes & Fees

All skiing products such as lift tickets, rentals, and season passes do require state tax and also carry a 5.5% resort fee.  Resort fees are accessed and used towards lease payments to the Department of Natural Resources for use of the State Park land.

Voucher Policy

Vouchers only hold the value of the product they are issued for. If a voucher is used to purchase a product at a lower price, the voucher will hold the remaining balance for future use within the time frame the voucher is valid. If the voucher is used to purchase a product at a higher price, the customer will need to pay the difference in value. Vouchers may only be used to purchase packages, lift tickets, and/or rentals. Vouchers may not be used for events, food & beverage, tuning, or retail

Lesson Cancellation

Lessons cancelled within five (5) or less days of the lesson date will be assessed a $10 cancellation fee per lesson but will be refunded. All lessons cancelled within two days of the lesson date are non-refundable. If the guest wishes to reschedule, they must do so prior to two or more days in advance of their lesson date. Lessons can only be rescheduled ONE time and will incur a $10 rescheduling fee per lesson. Once a lesson has been rescheduled, it becomes non-refundable if the guest wishes to cancel.

Government Regulated Closures

Should the resort need to shut down due to government regulations or any other resort, any programs or products purchased for dates in which the resort is shut down shall be fully refunded. (Season Passes exempt. Refund policy outlined above.)

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Pass Protection Policy

For unforeseen accidents, life changes or events that could occur throughout the year Granite Peak provides a plan for your ski pass investment when the unexpected happens. The cost of enrollment in the Pass Protection Program is $15 per pass. The Pass Protection Program must be added at the time of purchase. The following information describes the benefits and provisions of the Pass Protection Plan. You should read it with care so you will understand your protection. There are NO REFUNDS or TRANSFERS of any Pass product without being enrolled in Pass protection.


Granite Peak will refund a portion of the Pass Holder’s Season Pass if the Pass Holder is unable to use all or a portion of their Pass due to the covered reasons listed.

Pass Protection Eligibility:

Any Pass Holder who purchases a 2021/2022 Season Pass from Granite Peak and who has paid the Pass Protection fee are eligible for protection under this program.

Effective Date:

Benefits will be effective on the date of enrollment in the program which should be the same date of purchase.

Termination Date:

All coverage under this program ends on the last day that the Pass is valid for the season the Pass is purchased.

Pre-Season Cancellations:
For all qualified claims that occur prior to the start of the ski season (opening day) Granite Peak will reimburse the full cost of the Season Pass.

Pro-Rated Cancellations:

For qualified claims that occur after the ski season begins, Granite Peak will reimburse the purchase price of the Pass minus 14.25% of that value for each day the Pass was scanned during the 2021-22 season. After 7 days use, there is no residual refund value on the Pass.

Coverage Details

Granite Peak will refund the unused portion of your 2021/2022 season pass if the participating pass holder is unable to use their Pass for any of the following covered incidents. (Dependents of the affected Pass Holder will also qualify for refunds as long as that Dependent is currently enrolled in the Pass Protection Program. Some exclusions do apply.)

Physical Injury, Sickness, or Death Injury or sickness that is so disabling that the Pass Holder can no longer ski/snowboard for the remainder of the season, or the death of a participating Pass Holder.

Physical Injury or Illness of an Immediate Family Member Life threatening sickness or injury of an Immediate Family Member requiring the Pass Holder to become the primary care giver of that Immediate Family Member thus preventing them from using their season pass.

Pass Holder is involuntarily terminated, is laid off, or is involuntary relocated by an employer-initiated decision (defined below). Pass Holder must have been an active employee for the same employer for at least one year prior to purchasing the Pass and membership in the Pass Protection Program. Job separation must occur following the effective date of coverage. Coverage is not applicable to temporary employment, independent contractors or self-employed persons. Relocation of Pass Holders primary residence must be at least 100 miles further in distance from Granite Peak than Pass Holder’s primary residence at time of purchase (Based off of Google Maps search).

Pass Holder is called to active military service or military leave is revoked or reassigned. Pass Holder has a complication of pregnancy, normal pregnancy or childbirth.

Pregnancy or complication of pregnancy must occur after the Pass Holder’s effective date of coverage. Dependents of the Pass Holder do not qualify for reimbursement in this case.


With respect to the Season Pass Protection coverage, refunds are not payable in whole or in part for the following:

  • Season Pass Holders (including Dependent passes) who are not currently enrolled in the Pass Protection Program.
  • Staff, Volunteer, Industry, Trade Media, Complementary and Donated Season Passes.
  • The cost of the Pass Protection Program.
  • Any amount in excess of the purchase price of the Season Pass.
  • Claims made after the established reporting date parameters (30 days from date of incident or after the last day the Pass is valid.)
  • The Pass Protection Program does not cover any medical, travel or lodging related expenses. This program only covers the cost of your 2021/2022 Granite Peak Season Pass.

All Claims must be submitted within 30 days of the incident. To submit a claim, please contact our Pass Protection department at info@skigranitepeak.com.

To file a claim for protection, written documentation verifying reason for claim is required, including but not limited to: a Doctor’s verified statement on an official medical letter head, letter from your employer, deployment papers via the US Military, or a completed USPS change of address for involuntary employer initiated relocations.

This protection is subject to the exclusions shown and all other terms of this program.

We reserve the right to reject a claim if any information is false or omitted thereon.


“Unused Portions” means any days remaining between the date of incident as noted on documentation and the last day the Pass is valid.

“Injury” is a bodily injury, caused by an Accident and resulting directly and independently of all other causes. The Injury must happen while the Pass Holder is covered by Pass Protection and must require treatment by a Doctor.

“Sickness” is an illness, disease, or injury, which requires treatment by a doctor.

“Doctor” means a licensed practitioner of the healing arts, acting within the scope of his license. The treating doctor may not be the Pass Holder or a family member.

“Pass Holder” means the person whose name appears on the 2021/2022 Granite Peak Season Pass.

“Immediate Family Member” means the Pass Holder’s spouse, child, spouse’s child, brother, sister, mother, father, grandparents, grandchild, step-brother, step-sister, step-parents and parents-in-law.

“Dependent” means the Pass Holder’s spouse or legally dependent child age 18 or under.