Snow Yes. Groundhogs No.

Plenty of Snow

Are you going to listen to a solitary creature that spends their summers and falls stuffing themselves then simply sleep during winter?  

Bill Murray

Why is Groundhog Day even a thing?

I personally believe Groundhog Day to be the most absurd thing you'll find on a typical calendar.  Why on earth is this on printed calendars?  The only people who actually celebrate this live in a small town in Pennsylvania and the Weather Channel.  Other than that does anyone really think a pot-bellied varmint can predict the weather?  If so why doesn't every weather person in the world have a Phil as a pet?  Oh and the movie Groundhog Day - absolute classic. That is the only good thing out of this holiday.

“This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather," Bill Murray

Ok enough bickering - I'm here to tell you that our winter, whether Phil likes it or not is far from over! 

Plenty of Snow

Weather, Grooming & the Endless Calls of How's the Snow?

Yes it's been a whacky winter but you know what? We are going to have these seasons from time to time.  The snowmaking team did an incredible job in mid-January to blanket our area with snow and we have plenty of it. Cold nights, northern exposure, and some of the best groomers in the Midwest can guarantee you plenty of frozen fun to play on no matter what is on the ground or the mercury says!  First turns conditions are primo corduroy.  Cold overnight temps makes for an amazing surface followed by soft turns in the afternoon. 

Worried about President's Day Weekend?  Don't be.  Temperatures are going to be swinging back into mid-winter like temps come by February 10th and we'll still be skiing and riding on 100% of our terrain.  Count on it. 

ski jumper

Events, Events, Events!

February rolls in and has a ton of events from specator friendly freestyle fun to epic racing to beads galore.  Here's what's on tap the next three weeks: 

  • MAIN EVENT SLOPESTYLE- Saturday, February 3rd
    This freestyle competition is one of the biggest ones on our calendar each and every year and will take place on Sky High & Aspen. I've seen the sketches and have been in the meetings and our Granite Peak Parks team has a spectacular venue that will showcase all the skills of our best freestyle riders.
  • NEVER SUMMER CHEDDAR TOUR- Sunday, February 4th
    Never Summer Snowboards rolls into town with a few of their pro athletes for a fun snowboard rail jam throwdown on Sunday afternoon.  Tons of prizes and plenty of jibs will be had up on Aspen!
  • US MASTERS Alpine National Championships - Tues., Feb. 6 - Sat., Feb. 10th 
    Adults go head to head for national glory in this week long event that will take place on Exhibition and Sundance.  More details on the National Championships below. 
The Granite Grom Jam  is a 12 & Under Only Event Series

More Events

  • FAMILY FESTIVAL #2 - MARDI GRAS - Saturday, Feb. 10th 
    Our second family festival of the season goes down on February 10th with scavenger hunts, groomer rides, fireworks, free s'mores and of course tons of beads!  
  • GATORADE GROM JAM #2 - Sunday, Feb. 11th
    Our popular 12 & under kids event is back for the middle stop of this three stop series. Kids take to the Grom Park in a morning practice session followed by a Gatorade & Polito's pizza lunch then a fun competition with prizes for all!  
  • SHOW US YOUR TRICKS - Friday, February 16th
    We start of President's Day weekend with the culmination of our Mardi Gras fun with a rail jam that focuses on creativity for a chance to win the most beads to take home the trophy.


Athletes from across the country will be here through the midweek period and into Saturday, February 10th.  Racing takes place on our traditional race course - Exhibition and Sundance will be hosting Slalom & Parallel GS for the first time ever in the Midwest!  This will affect some traffic flow on the mountain and we want you to be prepared.  For the duration of race events Tuesday - Saturday. Sundance, Exhibition and Slalom will be closed to the public.  Elk will be the primary way to get from the top of Comet to the bottom of Blitzen to access the East Side.  From the East take Woodspur or Carmies to cut across to get back over to Comet.  These trails will all be open for night access though.  

Welcome to all the athletes competing & good luck!  We are excited you are here!  Welcome them to Wisconsin, Rib Mountain and the greater Wausau Region!

Until Next Time - 

Granite GM