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I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. I know I need to do better and will do my best the next few weeks to make sure we have a new one up weekly.

Why the lack of posting?

I did some traveling at the beginning of the month!  I was blessed to have been asked to go on a ski trip to the Far East – no not Sunday River or Sugarloaf but the FAR FAR EAST.  As in Japan.  This once in a lifetime (hopefully not) trip came about through our relationship with the Indy Pass and I’m grateful for our ownership group to let me take advantage!  Long story short over 7 days I skied 4 different resorts, ate easily over 10 bowls of ramen, numerous different pieces of sushi, as well as plenty of things I’ve never had or can tell you what they were.  I also enjoyed my share of saké.

Gala  – Thank You Last One.

I think I’ve said thank you so many times but I wanted to get it in one more time to the team behind the scenes who work for me – Nate and Allie who helped gather up all the prizes, bid sheets, social posts and of course all the photos of the event. Over $10,000 was raised towards our Ski Patrol to use towards certifications and education.  Thank you.

Why we closed Wednesday…  We like to ski, not skate…

We made the decision this morning at our staff meeting to close due to the weather.  Not really due to the rain last night which didn’t really do anything to our snowpack (other than show some trash and dirt around our base area), but due to the dropping temperatures throughout the day and into the evening hours.  Rather than open up for the day with limited skiers coming out due to drizzle, damp conditions we decided to close to use the time to take our grooming machines and track up the snow.  Why do we do that?  So that the tiller (the part on the back of the machine that is like a giant rolling pin with teeth) has something to grab on to and chew up and put back down.  Tonight our normal grooming operation will take place and corduroy will be put back down on the hill with little resemblance of the near boiler plate it could have been.

The Traveler’s Pub – Our New Edition

We have a new bar!  And it’s a big one and outside!  The Traveler’s Pub, a custom bar trailer that has a hydraulic lift is now located near the old Prancer Lift Shack between Historic and Blitzen.

We’ve also moved our Tailgate Food Trailer over there now to create a fun beer garden featuring beers, dogs, bloody Mary’s, brats as well as snack food items!  With the temps near 40 all weekend long this is a great place to snag a drink and dog.  Picnic Tables, Heaters and High Top Tables will be out there as well.

President’s Weekend & Beyond!

There is so much skiing and riding to be had yet this season.  April 15th will once again be our target closing date for the season and that’s two full months from today.  While Mother Nature has certainly been interesting this season with here high humidity and volatility our snowpack is as deep as it ever has been and March averages about 10 days of snowfall throughout the month.

Looking ahead we have a huge amount of events still left to go including Mardi Gras (March 3-5), Season Passholder Appreciation Day & Demo Day (March 11), St. Patrick’s Day Weekend, Pond Skimming and the Third Annual Cardboard Cup!

Interested in becoming a season passholder?

Look for passes to go on-sale within the first two weeks of March for next season.  More details on this in the next blog!

Thanks for the support!  See you on the slopes.



  1. Tim Nee on February 18, 2023 at 5:21 pm

    I came to granite peak from Salt Lake City last week to ski with my friend from the Green Bay Area who just went thru a 2 year battle with cancer.. ,,kudos to the entire granite peak staff!! what a helpful fun group of people!!as a former Alta employee and a professional ski bum ,what makes a ski area good are the folks that work there and all you folks are awesome!!!! My friends in utah asked how it was and I simply replied “ best day ever” Greg Fisher your staff is top notch thanks for a memorable time at the Peak!!

    • Greg Fisher on February 20, 2023 at 8:53 am

      That’s awesome. I’m going to share this with our entire team this week. What a great comment! I have friends who live out in Salt Lake now and need to visit out there again. Went to PowMow last April for a late season trip. Safe travels Tim and hope you come back again.

      • Tim nee on February 21, 2023 at 11:35 am

        I definitely will return!! Powder mountain is a choice area, killer terrain!! I am a snowbasin and Alta placeholder, To you and your staff this is the year to make a late spring trip , Alta will go till April 23 and snowbird will go till May 15th and then weekends till whenever!! Alta has the best closing party check it out on youtube: Alta Frank closing days…. all Wausau skiers are welcome…… enjoy the coming storm,, …..? No need to post just a friendly reply , cheers

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