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New Website, More Snowmaking New Season, & New Campaign

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Welcome to our new website! If you’ve been reading my blogs since I arrived just over a year ago now you’ll know I’m a marketing guy at heart and working on a new website is always exciting! We’ve been working with Fish Marketing (no relation if you were wondering) out of Portland, Oregon for our site. How did we end up working together? Through the Indy Pass which was founded by Doug Fish… Now you see the correlation? The new navigation will lead you to quicker purchases for those of you looking for tickets, scenic rides, lodging and more through quick link buttons.  We hope you like it.  It has been a half year project and we will continue to debut new pages, new products, and videos throughout the course of the season.  

Throughout the fall we’ll also be debuting some new videos, weather features and more within the site so stay tuned!  The launch of our new website really is minor when it comes down to all the other things going on at Granite Peak this summer and fall.

One of the things I enjoyed doing this summer was researching the History of Rib Mountain / Granite Peak Ski Area.  Granite Peak has an amazing history and there were some key contributors that really went into making sure that this operation continued throughout time.  We’re going to be entering our 84th consecutive season as Wisconsin’s original ski area and one of the oldest in the country!  

We are full steam ahead thought looking into the future.  Earlier this year the Department of Natural Resources began a process for public review of a proposed expansion to the Recreation available to the Rib Mountain State Park in which Granite Peak sits.  This included four different options/alternatives that provided numerous expansions to not only skiing but to hiking, biking and more family fun.  Check out the full details here.

This summer our team has been busy installing wire, pouring foundations, and installing snowmaking equipment across the ski hill. All in all when it’s time to make snow we’ll have 115 new pieces of snowmaking equipment across the mountain stretching from the East to the West! This includes new fan guns, a brand new gun to our fleet SMI Grizzly Tower Guns and a huge swing arm Super Puma that has already been installed at the bottom of Elk. Elk, Slalom, Western Frontier, Infinity and so many more are getting some love this year! It’s a $2.5 million dollar capital project that will help us maximize snowmaking early.


COVID-19 is still kicking around (pesky little thing) but I’m confident that we’ll be able to operate as close to “normal” as pre-COVID. That being said, we did learn a few things from last year’s operations and there are some tactics we are going to keep around for the 21/22 season and beyond.

Keeping capacity limited: it makes skiing a lot more enjoyable! We will limit our capacities as we did last season during peak holidays and weekends to create more space for guests and limit lift wait times. Other changes:

Skier Daily Ticket Numbers in which we reach capacity will be slightly higher than our sell out days last year and we will also be limiting the number of Unlimited Season Passes sold to maintain overall capacity limits. NOTE: we will never limit season pass holders during the valid dates of their passes.

More Tables but continued to be spread out and spacious. We do plan to bring in more tables into the chalets but we’re still going to do our best to keep it spacious. You’ll have more space and more opportunity to move around.

Keeping Bags and Gear Outside our Chalets. We’ll continue to ask guests to get ready at their cars and limit bags and gear inside chalets, especially on weekends. This keeps the lodge clean for everyone. 

Sundance Chalet Operations & Historic Chalet Restaurant to Stay. The Historic Chalet was converted into a restaurant last year and it was a huge success! We’ll build on this and create an even better high-end experience with more menu choices, signature cocktails, and more. We’ll continue to operate Sundance daily and hope to expand upon some of the offerings here.  

Lift Loading & Lift Times

    • Lifts will continue to have Lift Mazes and Managers in 21/22. 
    • We will monitor COVID-19 levels and any regional or municipal rules but we intend to allow guests to move freely outdoors without masks and will also load chairs to full capacity. 
    • We will continue to experiment with earlier openings of Comet (8am) and and later closing of Dasher.
    • Early season snowmaking and heavy grooming pushing requires later openings—we will continue these discussions and post updates.

We have a Full Event Calendar –  Check it out!  Fun Family Festivals return.  Early and late season freestyle competitions, music and more will fill out our calendar.  

Better WiFi & New Phone Systems This is a technology-driven world and we’re working with local organizations like Spectrum to increase our WIFI and cabling systems in Chalets and our overall base area.  

I hope you all enjoyed summer but with temps in now in the 40s at night, the leaves should really start to change color in the next few weeks and soon enough that first “frost” and “flurry” will be here.  


Greg Fisher, General Manager and Marketing Director of Granite Peak since 2020.  He is a 20+ year veteran of the ski industry with previous roles as VP of Marketing & Events for Peak Resorts, Inc.; GM of Mad River Mountain in Ohio, and Marketing & Events Director for Mount Snow, Vermont.  You’ll find Greg in the terrain parks with his son Ronan (8), on the beginner slopes with son Logan (5), or trying to keep up with his wife Mary at Adventure Awaits Crossfit.  



  1. Mark Robinson on September 25, 2021 at 8:13 am

    Love the new website and especially the History section. Excellent work to put that together. Well done!
    Leaves are turning…Can’t wait to see the new snow making in action!
    See You at the Top.
    Ravino Robinson

    • Greg Fisher on September 25, 2021 at 10:56 am

      Mark! Thanks for the love. First comment on the new site! We are very happy with the new site and appreciate the nod on the history section. I enjoyed doing it and learning more about the long standing bond between the park, community and ski culture. See you soon.

  2. Matt on October 1, 2021 at 10:44 am

    Love the new site, almost as much as I love the new snowmaking upgrades – huge win, Greg. I guess I followed you out here from New England; last year was my first back on Midwest ski slopes and Granite was exactly what I needed to fill the void. Great job on the GM blogs, too; it’s super nice to hear a variety of updates – not only for the info, but to stoke the stoke. Can’t wait for 11/20!

    • Greg Fisher on October 1, 2021 at 10:58 am

      Thanks Matt. Appreciate it and welcome to Wisconsin. Love to keep our fans and guests updated with all that is going on at Granite.

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