Preparations + Awaiting Ma Nature

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Frost & Stick Season is here.

The days of automatic car starts, scraping of windshields and the endless raking of leaves are here! It’s always amazing how quickly the leaves go from gorgeous to gone! I posted on my own social media that I’d love it if the leaves just disintegrated before they hit the ground. Sunday I spent 6 hours raking and cleaning my yard only to look out on Monday to see it pretty much like I did nothing. I digress, because I truly enjoy home ownership and pride in a clean yard so we’ll do it again and probably again (hopefully) before the first snowfall.

Mountain Mowing

While I’m on the topic of yard work, if you’ve been up to the hill to hike or just to pick up your pass, you may have noticed that our trails now have stripes on them! Last spring we purchased a new mowing implement that is more like a monster of a brush hog. This piece of equipment replaces the blade of one of our grooming machines, and with rubber tracks, we can mow much of our trails. It takes longer than grooming a trail as there are more things to avoid – namely rocks. I’m sure we’ve all hit rocks with our mowers before. Sometimes they’ll shoot out the side, other times they might heavily damage your blade.  Our terrain park manager Ry has been the mowing master and continues daily towards cleaning our trails up! 

Snowmaking Soon & More Guns & More Firepower

Mother Nature hasn’t turned down the temperature just yet for us to actively make a dent in any sort of snowmaking production. But I have to give props to Trollhaugen, Wild and Andes Tower for opening last weekend for some fun pre-season sliding on snow.

For us, we are focused on making snow, opening, and staying open with top to bottom skiing and riding on numerous trails. Our goal has been to open the Wednesday before Thanksgiving on November 23rd. Cold and snow have dropped out West, and I’m sure that the cold will make its way East soon. While we wait, our team has been actively preparing with 6 new SMI Tower Guns installed and three additional TechnoAlpin TR8’s delivered last week.

Watch the weather, and if you see temps in the 20’s overnight for a few nights in a row, chances are we’ll be firing up. Don’t worry we’ll tell you too!

More events??? Yes, please.

While we wait for snowmaking weather to arrive, there is plenty to get hyped about. Our event calendar is out, and we’re working on adding a few more to the mix including a Never Summer Cheddar Tour stop in December, on top of working on a contract with Teton Gravity Research to host a movie premier for their Magic Hour, as well as a showing of the short film (featuring yours truly) In Pursuit of Soul, which is below – check out the 30-minute film.  

Season Passes in the Mail or at the office…

If you’ve been expecting your season pass in the mail and haven’t yet received it, chances are you haven’t signed off on our 22-23 waiver or need to update your photo. An easy way to tackle both of these is to simply sign off on the waiver here and then call or stop by and take care of it all in person! Be sure to check hours of operation before you visit. If you haven’t bought your season pass – you should not be waiting any longer! If you are not a passholder and looking to score lift tickets – buy them now as they are at the lowest possible price before November 15th!  

Disney-Bound before the Snow Falls!

The Fisher family will be taking on Disney for the first time. We have two bonus attendees as both Grandmas are coming! Spoiling will be happening for sure! If there is something we should ABSOLUTELY DO let me know! I’m hoping that when I get back we will be looking at firing up the snowmaking guns that night. If not, we’ll be ready when Mother Nature says go.

Thanks for reading, and pray for cold.



  1. Iris Yipp on October 27, 2022 at 2:02 pm

    Loved seeing you, Greg along with all the other indie Midwest ski resorts folks. Go Granite Peak!

    • Greg Fisher on October 27, 2022 at 2:05 pm

      Yes Iris it was a fantastic video to be apart of! There are a ton of great options in the midwest but proud that you are one of ours! Look for new videos directly from us coming out next week!

      • Chris on November 3, 2022 at 11:58 am

        I came here to see if there was anything from you guys on the expansion project approval or what the plan is for that given the DNR recommendation?

        • Greg Fisher on November 7, 2022 at 3:25 pm

          Chris I’ll be posting about that here very shortly.


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