Summer Work for Winter Fun….

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The lifts might not be turning and the grass is certainly growing but we have been hard at work here at Granite Peak getting ready for the upcoming winter season.  

So what exactly have we been doing?  Good question let me tell you and show you some of the honey-do’s we’ve been tasked with this summer! 

1) We’ve installed a new deck on the Comet Loading Area.  While this could have gone another year or two we decided to tackle it this summer so that we could utilize the wood that was on the Comet Lift for another project on the Blitzen Midstation Ramp that is much smaller, more of a safety piece and is utilizing the wood that was still in good shape.  The railing will come down for the winter but is up for the scenic rides which start in a little over a month! 


2) We’re getting a completely new website!  Ok maybe I’m more excited about this but as a marketing guy it’s always a big project but also a very rewarding one to have new things to play with, inform with and use to showcase your brand.  Below is a little sneak peek and you better believe it has a blog section!

3) Some new signage.  Again maybe not the “sexiest” of things but for those who are coming to Granite Peak for the first time it could be a little confusing.  We’ve identified a few key points across our base area that could use some directional pieces and we’re going to continue to upgrade our signage on the hill as well.  Look for some informative, safety, and historical signs on our lifts also in the 2021/2022 season.  

4) The Historic Chalet & Deck  – If you didn’t see our Facebook Post from a few weeks ago (July 14th to be exact) we are happy and proud to be working with revi Design LLC out of Wausua to create a whole new deck experience that includes more seating, more fire-pits, tables, a few pergola’s and a stage for music & entertainment!  Check out the renderings.  This project will be completed this fall and we’ll be opening up the Historic Chalet in December again as a sit down restaurant with a brand new menu featuring some new items and cocktails.  

5) Ok easily the sweetest and biggest project of the 2021 summer – $2.5 million in snowmaking upgrades!  This includes new Super Puma Fan Guns, SMI Grizzlies, upgrades in pipe, trail grading and additional guns to some of your favorite trails like Elk, Slalom, Western Frontier, and much more.  



Black Bear getting cleaned up.  


New Fan Gun at the top of Birch / Miracle 


The Swing Arm at the bottom of Elk will provide the widest area of snowmaking available from one gun.  

We’re also putting in some “pick points” atop some of our steeps.  These are where our winch groomers can attach their winches to provide better grooming.  These have been added across many of our trails including Exhibition, Superstition, Carver, Legends and Elk.  These little things are so important but you’d never know they were there!  

This is one of the biggest snowmaking projects the resort has taken on as it isn’t confined to one particular pod of trails or area.  This encompasses pretty much the entire resort and new snowmaking technology will touch well over 100 acres of our terrain!  

6) Finally we’ve been working towards being more Sustainable.  We recently pledged to become a partner in the National Ski Areas Association Sustainable Slopes Program.  With some help from local businesses such as Mid-Wisconsin Beverages, IROW, and Greenheck we’ll be unveiling a new recycling program along with some containers spread out across our resort.  It is our goal to recycle 100% of our plastic bottles, aluminum cans and cut down our waste through proactive buying, education and products.  More on this in the near future as #GraniteGoesGreen.  

If you’re in the area swing by on a Tuesday night as we’ve been welcoming guests and their dogs for a little deck time!  We like to call it Dog Daze of Summer and we have the grill out with burgers, hot dogs, brats, and beers.  We even have some milk bones for the dogs with a donation towards the Expansion of Sandy’s Dog Park.  

Finally every morning I drop my kids off at Everest High School for an Adventure Camp.  Ronan (8) and Logan (5) are having a blast in their first summer in Wisconsin enjoying the community pools, the local fairs, playgrounds and downtown music.  The community has been wonderful and we’ve enjoyed much that Wisconsin has to offer so far this summer. 

After I drop the boys off at camp I pass the football field where the Evergreens have already begun practicing.  The start of football is always a sign of fall.  I know soon the leaves will change, we’ll have our first frost and then it will be go time for our new snow guns. We’ll be ready.  

But first I might enjoy a few more rounds of golf.  

See you on the slopes or in the pool or on the links.




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  1. 🄰🄰🅁🄾🄽 on December 28, 2021 at 3:23 pm

    A see a lot of high-top seating in this new Deck design. I have some thoughts on why this is less than ideal for skiers/snowboarders:

    1. Blood flow. Tired muscles need rest, and elevation is one of the more effective ways to expedite recovery. Tall seating keeps the legs vertical and doesn’t allow for rest.

    2. Cumbersome boots. Ski and snowboard boots are much more bulky and cumbersome than typical footwear, and resting them on the high-top seats/tables is not a welcomed task.

    3. Topple factor. A bustling deck means a lot of wobbly walkers bumping into things, not to mention when the GP clean-up crew is taking care of snow removal and general clean-up. High-top tables and seats are more easily knocked-over than low level seating.

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