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Midwest Resorts Investing Millions into Expansions

Posted: Sep 25, 2018

Other resorts in the Midwest are pouring millions of dollars into expansions recognizing that they need to keep up with the competition. Read more about those expansions.


More Runs Bring More Economic Growth to Area

Posted: Sep 25, 2018

Wausau Daily Herald Letter to the Editor, 2/21/17
EDITOR: We live in a pretty unique place. Our community is small enough where you still can bump into someone you know on the street. Because we’re located between Minneapolis and Green Bay, we see our share of arts that stop at the Grand Theater. And some of my favorite restaurants are very close to home.


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Improve Your Skills

Posted: Jul 16, 2018

5 Ways to Improve Your Ski Skills



Seven Reasons Why An Expansion of Granite Peak Ski Area Is Important!

Posted: Jan 1, 1970

WAUSAU, WI. Alpine skiing was in the absolute forefront of Wausau civic leaders’ thinking when they acquired lands that created Rib Mountain State Park way back in the 1920s. This was the era before ski lifts when alpine enthusiasts hiked up Rib Mountain, and nearby Midwest communities (Duluth and Minneapolis) were vying for the 1932 Winter Olympics ultimately held at Lake Placid. Following Lake Placid’s example of creating a “winter sports complex” on State land, skiing began at Rib Mountain State Park in 1937 after the CCC cleared ski runs and constructed a historic ski chalet at the base, and the nation’s longest ski tow was installed at Rib Mountain. Today, with skiing having been continuous for nearly 85 years, Rib Mountain State Park and its current ski hill operator, Granite Peak Ski Area, are preparing for the next 50 years of winter and summer fun.