85th ANNIVERSARY GALA | FEB. 10, 2023 





October Update – It’s almost snowmaking time.

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Snowmaking is on the Horizon

It’s October and we are focusing in on finishing up our capital projects before the snow starts the fly!  The Ghidorzi Team along with local contractors PGA and Hurtis Heating and Cooling have been hard at work in the lower Historic Chalet as our bathrooms are getting a complete overhaul.  The Admin Building has also received a huge expansion giving us a brand new Alpine Learning Center desk and entrance along with additional office space and one more bathroom!  I know that doesn’t sound sexy to you but to those of us who share this small office space it’s a blessing in disguise as nearly 30 people can be working out of this small building in the middle of the ski season.

85th Anniversary Season

I’m excited to get our 85th Season underway and you may have noticed that there is a countdown timer on the homepage of our website! The timer is set to expire on November 23, 2022 at 10am.  That is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. That is always going to be our goal here at Granite Peak as it gives us about 20 days of opportunity (we traditionally see snowmaking temps around Halloween).  If we get lucky and get some cold temps we will look to open up earlier but honestly, I like the idea of opening with solid terrain and two lifts (Comet and Blitzen) if we can offer up both advanced and beginner-level terrain.

Ski Patrol Even Bigger than Ever!

I have nothing but respect for our men and women who volunteer their time at ski areas across the globe.  It’s truly an honor to speak to them and learn about their passions to help people on a volunteer basis.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking to our returning and new class at their annual OEC refresher and meeting.  Thanks for all that you do!

We’ve installed six new SMI Tower Fan Guns in the wide swath of terrain near Aspen, Upper Dusky, Sky High, and Birch where all of those trails converge.  It’s a tricky spot to make snow and these fan guns will help us with automation and not having to move our carriage guns around that area.

We have one more weekend of scenic rides and the leaves are popping full of gorgeous color.  Mother Nature handed us some challenging weekends when we started back in September but once October hit it’s been nice weather and this past week the foliage just broke out into some beautiful reds, yellows, purples, and orange hues across the valley.  I think this next weekend will still have plenty of color if you are looking to take it in before we shut down and switch into snowmaking mode.

Do you get amped up about long-range forecasts? I’m not really into them. Rarely do they actually work out and there are so many who knows, who knows! I do tend to use the Accuweather.com App a bit for weather personally and this is what they dropped a few days ago. It’s blue and says snowier so we have that going for us. I call it a win.

A reminder if you haven’t purchased that Season Pass yet you have until Friday to do so at our lowest rates of the season!  Don’t forget as this deadline is hard and has already been pushed back two extra weeks.  Procrastinators get er done!

Finally now is the time to get your legs in shape!  Fall running is awesome and I would suggest doing some hiking and or running uphill to get those quads, glutes, and hammies ready to make the turns downhill!  The Fisher Boys (yes the little one is amped up for skiing this year) are working on their spins and flips in anticipation for the ski season.

See you soon!


Greg Fisher

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