Ho, Ho, Ho. Bring on the Snow. Too Soon?

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My friend Matt, over at Midwestskiers.com got us all excited on Halloween by proclaiming that the cold snap was coming and that the Midwest could be skiing by the weekend.

Well that fizzled out like a wet bottle rocket, but many including ourselves took advantage of the small window to test our systems and get at least put a little white out on the slopes.

We tip our hats to Tyrol Basin for pulling off a midweek afternoon hike park that looked like a ton of fun. We know it took a good amount of time and effort to make it happen for only a few hours but who cares! Muddy snow is still snow and it’s always good to see people skiing and riding not too far from home!  While Matt wasn’t technically wrong as people were skiing & riding – the snow like the temperatures have faded away.

Regardless it’s still early and for us it is more important to be sure that our systems are running across the resort and in fact we still are working on a few things prior to opening up our snowmaking assault for the season. But the test was very successful and still some snow remnants are sticking around. Whether they will still be there when we fire back up for opening remains to be seen.

Yes, I said “opening.” The question we get on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, over the phone and via email. “When is opening day?”

No this isn’t the Opening Day announcement you’ve been hoping for, and it’s not an announcement that we are pushing our date back either. This is just the hang with us while we wait and see as we all know from that first week temperatures can swing one way or another. Hopefully they continue to drop.

We’re going to give it our all to open as soon as November 20th but we’re not going to salvage making snow across multiple trails just to put 50 guns on just one run. We’re dedicated to opening with options for all guests on day one.

Today, NOAA put out an update to a forecast model through Thanksgiving. Starting this week, although we may see temperatures getting back into normal highs and lows, they are forecasted to drop to below normal towards the middle of next week, as indicated in the map below.  I’m not going to declare anything but I think this bodes well for all of us in the midwest!

NOAA Thanksgiving Temperature Forecast

This bodes well for snowmaking into the Turkey Day Holiday and beyond.

We welcome back another group of employees this week for our second orientation and our snowmakers are fully staffed for another run starting over the weekend. At this point, if it’s marginal, it’s still doable and we’ll get there as best we can.

I told my wife that this week I intend to winterize the lawn mower, put away the pool noodles (yeah I still have them lying in my garage) and put up the Christmas Lights! I don’t intend to turn them on just yet… but at least I can feel my fingers while I apply the little hooks across our gutters. Maybe that will help jump start Old Man Winter and get the cold going this season.

While we wait I encourage you to check out our new snow report / conditions page where we will update our daily information. I intend to update this as we make snow and just like last year we’ll link and give a brief summary daily on Facebook / Instagram every morning.

Be safe. Have fun. And don’t make fun of those of us who are putting up Christmas Decor. I just won’t have the time to do it in December.

So Ho Ho Ho Bring on the Snow…


P.S. This week is the last week to grab a Gold Unlimited Season Pass.  After November 15th they go away. 


  1. Michael O’Meara on November 9, 2021 at 5:02 pm

    Please give a progress report on the deck expansion and upgrade project.

    • Greg Fisher on November 9, 2021 at 5:09 pm

      The bump out was completed. The veneer is slated to go up this week. We worked on some drainage today to ensure water flows to the sides. Steel and pergola’s will go up the week of Thanksgiving. REVI tells us everything is still on schedule for opening of Historic on the 11th with some stools the only thing held up by back order.

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