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SNOW! We’ve been getting some this year! Last season it took until nearly February for us to pick up any sort of snowfall over a few inches. We’ve gained almost eight this week alone, with a nice helping of six on Sunday and another two yesterday.  

Sunday here was one of those beautiful days where the snow was falling gradually throughout the day, and the temperatures were hovering right around 32!  I went out to make some turns at 4:30 pm, right after the snow stopped, and it was absolutely pristine.  As I left, the line at our ticket windows was pretty healthy for the night session, so I hope you were out here.  

Looking ahead, we are again in line for another healthy dumping of snow Friday into Saturday.  The GFS (a weather forecasting model used by meteorologists) has us in for eight to twelve inches of snow! However, unlike last weekend’s snow (which dumped 14 inches at our sister resort Lutsen!), this one is coming from the southeast and looks to be lining up to smack Rib Mountain with a healthy dump.

Even if a single flake doesn’t fall you’ll be in good hands.  his week has been cold, cold, cold, and our snowmaking team has been absolutely crushing the opportunity using every possible snowmaking device we have on-site to use the temperature to our advantage.

It has been so cold, that to be as efficient as possibl, we have been using some of our older technology called Homies that can produce high volume at really cold temps!  The water crystalizes pretty much instantly and these guys spray exactly where we need it. 

Our team has been focusing their efforts on the East and buttoning up the middle of our ski area this week. I think you’re going to like the map below and the conditions you’ll find here this weekend.  

Weekend Expectations & Beyond

Everything between Stonebridge in the East to Miracle in the West will be open. This includes the three chutes off the top of Blitzen, all the beginner green trails to the East of Mystery, and some of our steepest terrain like Superstition, Carver and Woodspur. In the middle Blackbear, Sky High, & Carmie’s will also join in. Ry and the park team will be adding new features in Aspen  In the graphic below, everything in purple is planned to open and everything in light blue is where we are moving to as I type this. White Wolf & Timber Wolf already have a huge head start!

Lower Stonebridge to Cupid Quad will make its debut on Saturday. We wish to get our little exit green trail “Buffett’s Pass” available for our beginners who accidentally find themselves down there as the Cupid Express only services expert terrain. We’ll be pushing that out on Friday.  

Sunday night I rode the chair with one of our new volunteer ski patrollers who will be making the trip from Green Bay every week. He was on his last run of the day as his shift was ending. He was thankful for the great conditions and that the drive home was going to be a bit more relaxing than the drive in!  

I can’t say enough about our Ski Patrol and what they do here for our ski area as well as for our community as a whole. Many of them are medical professionals in the region and WAOW Channel 7 recently did a story on two of our veteran patrollers (Legends, maybe) Scott and Jim. 

Both gentleman I absolutely enjoy having around as they’ve provided me with a ton of great advice, service to our resort, and I truly have fun in their company. Hopefully you never have to take a toboggan ride but if you do, know you are in good hands! 

Granite Peak Ski Patrol


Also on Sunday was the start of one of my favorite programs – Little Legends! 100 kids were out on Hot Cocoa and our learning area right after it stopped snowing along with 30 instructors. This program is designed for our never-ever little guys and girls! We had some wonderful smiles exiting the slopes and I hope that Sunday was the start of a life long passion for some of these little guys and girls.  

Little Legends

Christmas is coming up and we’re going to have a special visit from the big guy himself next weekend. We are still working out the schedule with Santa but he’s a man of many talents and he’ll be hosting children for Groomer Rides! Again he’s a busy man these days and we are still working out logistics so stay tuned to our website and social media.  

Finally a few things on the Historic Chalet!  

  1. The new HVAC system is done and it’s keeping the entire building at a nice comfy temperature! 
  2. We’re opening up the chalet Saturday and Sunday with the bar and a light menu that will include pizza, pretzels, and a few other appetizer-like options. We will open up with our full menu, servers, and hosted sit down seating starting Friday, December 17th.  
  3. Our contractors have unfortunately been dealt supply issues, which has caused delays. Starting on Monday the middle beams of the deck will be going up and we anticipate having use of that area the weekend of the 17th. While we had hoped to be up and running by now, we are going to roll with it. Please know we are going to get it going this winter and open on weekends.  

If you are traveling out to the mountain Friday night or Saturday in the snow please drive safe. Our friends at the Wisconsin DOT do a wonderful job but they have plenty to handle with so major routes running through Wausau. Don’t worry we’ll have plenty of fun as we’ll be open daily starting Friday!  

Happy Holidays and let’s hope Santa brings us some more snow around the holidays..  



  1. Bill Utech on December 9, 2021 at 9:41 am

    Wait, kids can get rides in the groomers? Something I’ve always wished I could do. I don’t live in the area anymore, but still visit family from time to time and always like to keep up with the ongoings at Granite Peak.

    • Greg Fisher on December 9, 2021 at 10:11 am

      We started doing Groomer Ride during our Family Festivals a year ago!

  2. Snowpilot on December 14, 2021 at 10:11 am

    Greg and team, Thanks for all the hardwork and efforts to get us ski patrons on the slope. Its a team effort and you guys all are a great team. Yes our ski patrol is second to none!
    Keep it up so we can rip it up!!!

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