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A Mid-Summer Hello

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We are over halfway through July, and August is in view! I hope this post finds you and your family enjoying the summer months. Maybe you are looking forward to our 85th winter season of skiing and riding on Rib Mountain!


The off-season is not really off at all for our team. We are busy at work improving the mountain and doing annual maintenance to ensure all of our operations are safe and following the standards you’ve come to expect at Granite Peak.

Each summer, every ski resort has a set of grips magnetically tested from each lift to ensure they are in working order. Then, chairs are removed, and the grips are sent for testing before being put back on the haul ropes.

This year we also took the first step in a significant upgrade to our Comet 6-Pack chair. Our team replaced the communications line this year from the top terminal to the bottom earlier this month. It was a process that not only took time to run the cable from top to bottom but also needed electricians to tap each tower into the line.

The largest project going on is the expansion of the Administration Building. As I type this, I’m listening to one of our contractors singing while he’s working on running electrical conduit through the bare walls! The additions in the Administration Building will provide our team with more offices, an independent climate-controlled IT server room, a conference space, and an independent ski school desk and guest services desk with more points of sales. We’re also getting another bathroom. This little building will house up to 25 employees during the peak of our season, so an additional toilet goes a long way! Unfortunately, the office will be closed through the end of July to let the team do their work, but if you need something, please don’t hesitate to call and leave a message. We’ll get back to you.
It may not be as thrilling as new fan guns or a new groomer (also on our fall capital list), but it will improve customer service and give our employees much-needed services. Work-life balance is essential, and we want our employees to have a work environment they enjoy.

This is what it will look like once completed looking back towards the parking lot.

Weddings have been rolling along as well. If you didn’t know, Granite Peak is one of the most popular reception venues in the Wausau region. Vicki (our retail manager) switches gears and handles all our weddings with her assistant Ashlee. As a result, we have a wedding or even two every weekend in the summer and fall! The only exceptions are July 4th, Labor Day, and the first weekend in October.

Scenic Chairlift Rides

Scenic rides along the Comet 6-Pack will begin the 2nd weekend in September.  This year we are working on some additional fun up at the hill while you enjoy your ride including some fun picnic style games along with food & beverage available.  We’re also looking at adding music and bringing back Dog Days of Summer to Friday nights.  Plus a fun festival on October 1st….

The what festival?

That first weekend in October, we are pleased to announce a new event to Granite Peak: The Gosh Diddily Darn Festival. A fun name for a weekend full of mini-events we have planned. First Friday Night is the Granite Peak Ski Team Casino Night Fundraiser. This event will take place in the Sundance Chalet and is a fun night of “gambling” to raise money for our kids’ team. The event has impressive prizes that you gamble to win tickets to win. Saturday is our annual Ski Swap in the parking lot. We will also have a 5k, live music, food & beer, fun kids activities, craft vendors, and hopefully, mother nature will provide the foliage for our scenic chairlift rides. A full schedule of activities will be announced by Labor Day Weekend.

Up on the hill, many of you were aware of the fire that occurred back in May that took out an electrical building that housed equipment for our snowmaking system. This inevitably was tied back to lightning from storms the night before. We’re establishing a better work road leading up to the building and the summit for access. We’ve been working with our insurance companies, WPS, and DNR to replace the equipment and building this fall.

Winter Events

Our winter schedule is also on my mind, and we are working to finalize our event calendar so you can plan your upcoming visits and trips! In addition, we intend to have the event calendar and lift tickets live on Labor Day for purchase. All of these items are currently penciled in.

Summer of fun in Wausau & a new home!

On a personal note, my family and I have enjoyed the summer months in and around the Wausau region with some trips even further up North for R&R. We’ve really been able to enjoy all that Wausau has to offer. We’ve attended great events, including the Wings Over Wausau AirShow, Taste N Glow Balloonfest, a race down at the State Park Speedway and plenty of pool and lake time.

There are still some very cool events and fun going on in our region in the next few weeks including:

I’m happy to report that you will have the Fisher family here for a while! It took two years, but we are blessed to have found a home in Weston, and my wife is already making it ours with paint, new flooring and her own design. Personally I just want the garage and the yard for all of our fun toys!  If anyone wishes to help us… Friday and Saturday are the big moving days! Hehe.

What’s Up with the U. P.?

One final note: the Skinner Family and a number of us here at Granite Peak and Lutsen Mountains are working on integrating the Big Snow Resorts team into our organization. Closing of that is still scheduled for later this month, and I can’t wait to get up and ski these two hills. It is beautiful country up in the UP, and I’ve already enjoyed a few trips and getting to know the team there.

If you haven’t purchased your season pass, what’s going on? The next deadline is September 30th, so you have time, but why wait?

Until next time. Enjoy the summer months. Be safe & have fun!


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