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New Gate System ...

AXESS is the world's market leader in access management. 

Over 10,000 installations in over 100 countries enable the fast and secure access of people and vehicles to ski resorts, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, cities, spa & wellness facilities, trade fairs and amusement parks.

We're happy to welcome Axess to the Granite Peak team as our new gate system partner!  Click to your right to check out Axess at Granite Peak and what you need to know. 

Axess Gates.jpg


You're on it, explore! 

Introducing ONLINE WAIVERS ...

We are going paperless!  Save time by filling out your liabilities forms online, only do it once, and you're set for the year! 

If you forget, that's okay, you can grab one of our ipads and sign your waiver here.   


EXTENDED Hours ...

You told us, and we listened.  Now open every night until 9:00 PM.  

Come from near, come from far and we'll leave the lights on for you!