Terrain Park.

Parks are groomed and raked every night from top to bottom!

High Flying Fun Terrain Parks ...

Get your adventure on at one of our four parks with over 35 jibs and 15 jumps. Granite Peak delivers on our promise to keep the parks fresh and innovative by having the largest and best maintained parks in the Midwest that flow with many lines to keep things interesting.

Our staff of seasoned shredders rides the hill on a daily basis making sure all lips and landings are smooth for our customer's enjoyment and safety. Parks are groomed and raked every night from top to bottom.


Updated Features ...

More features that got added recently: 

New on Sugar Maple:
  • Riblet Tube  

New on Deer Pass:

  • Flat Up Rail
  • Down Flat Down Rail
  • Elbow Kink Rail

New on Tyro Progression Park:

  • Wide Flat Box
  • Skinny Flat Box

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