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Info, FAQs and policies for 23-24 Season Passes.

  • When do passes go on sale?
    Our 23-24 season passes will be on sale on March 4, 2023.

Now that passes are valid at all properties, what is the benefit of purchasing the pass at one resort over another?
You will want to purchase your pass at the property you will ski/ride the most at.  That is your HOME RESORT.  Your pass will be direct to lift at that resort while the other two resorts will require you to get a ticket from the ticket window.

Follow up question: Why are passes not direct to lift at all resorts?
We are actively working on combining our resort databases and systems which is a major process with multiple vendors.  We anticipate to have this capability in future seasons but for the 23-24 season the use of day tickets will be necessary.

Can I pick up my pass at any resort? 
No.  The resort you purchase your pass from is where your pass will be processed.

If I purchase the Spring Add+On Pass how does that work?

  • Your new spring pass is the pass you should use at Granite Peak
  • Your 22/23 season pass will be voided so that it will not cause issues at our RFID gates.
    • We will gladly take it from you if you wish or you can keep it as a souvenir.
    • Regardless, remove it from your jacket or pants while skiing just to be sure you don’t have issues!
  • When you visit Snowriver (valid immediately) or Lutsen (after April 1, 2023) you will need to show your Spring Pass for lift ticket for the day.

Are benefits valid at all properties?
Yes. Benefits are valid at all properties.

Are the deadlines the same as last year? 
The buying periods are actually longer.   The deadlines are as follows: 

  • Spring & Payment Plan Deadline - May 15, 2023
  • Fall Deadline - October 15, 2023 
  • In Season Deadline - November 15, 2023 

How does the Payment Plan work? 
Choose the payment plan option and put the down payment.  Payments are applied to the credit card used for the down payment on or around the first of the month in June, July, August, & September. 

An email will be sent to the address on file prior to any charges applied. 

If I need to, can I change the payment credit card or pay off the pass in full at any time?
Yes! Simply contact the office where you purchased your pass to make any changes or to pay off your balance.  

What happens if I lose my season pass? 
We will offer you a replacement ticket for the day for $5.  Should you find your pass great, if not we will disable your pass so that no one else can use it and a replacement pass will be printed for $50.

Who qualifies for College Pricing?
Full Time students who carry a 12 credit course load per semester, with an active college ID and/or a letter from their higher institutions Registrar's office.  

Who qualifies for Military Pricing for Active/Retired Military and their Dependents?
The following military personnel and their families qualify for military pass pricing:

  • Active Duty (full-time): A person who is currently serving on active duty in the military full-time (serving on Title 10 orders for 30 days or more).
  • Reserve & Guard Forces: A person in the Reserve or National Guard is not full-time active duty military personnel, although he or she can be deployed at any time should the need arise. Members of the Reserve & Guard are eligible if they are currently serving in the Reserves or National Guard (serving on Title 32 orders).  This offer does not apply to members of the IRR – Individual Ready Reserve.
  • Retired: A military retiree is any former member of the military branches above who is entitled, under statute, to retired, retirement, or retainer pay. Examples include, but are not necessarily limited to, spending 20 or more years in the military, or permanent retirement by reasons of physical disability.

Active/Retired/Reserve/Guard Forces Dependent: Registered Dependents of Active/Retired Military members, including spouse and child dependents. Parents of military members are not included, as well as children who are no longer dependent. Definitions for age/eligibility requirements are defined by the military and Department of Defense. 

For active/retired dependents, all should have or qualify for DD Form 1173.

Definitions for age/eligibility requirements are defined by the military and Department of Defense*.

Veteran: A person who served in the active military and who was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable.

Dependent: Veteran Military member's spouse and any child dependents. Parents of military members are not included, nor are children who are no longer dependent.

Definitions for age/eligibility requirements are defined by the military and Department of Defense*.

*For more information on Department of Defense definitions and qualification standards, please visit www.cac.mil

Are there any additional charges on season passes? 

State taxes (5.5%)  and a resort fee (5.5%) will be added at checkout. Resort fees offsets the cost of the lease back to the DNR use of the land in which Granite Peak sits.  

Will you offer the Protection Program again?  How does it work? 

A: Yes the Protection Program is back.  $15 offers you assurances on your pass should you get hurt, move, or have another circumstance that falls under our policy.  Refunds are based on how many times you did ski / ride and are pro-rated as such.  

Q: Are you still a member of the Indy Pass?  

A: Yes!  We are happy to be back on the Indy Pass for the 23-24 season.  You can add the Indy Pass to your Unlimited Pass!