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3 Tips For Getting Ready For Ski Season

Teepee of skis

December, 2016

You say there are only three? Of course not, there are probably hundreds of worthwhile tips for kicking-off your ski and snowboarding season, but at Granite Peak Ski Area we have a simple three to get you going, or thinking, or getting enthusiastic.

  1. Choose Your Destination

Many ski areas throughout the Midwest have special packages and offers. Many also have monthly festivals and events, while some destinations reward you and your family with huge savings when you book in advance. Like you mother said – it pays to do your homework – so take the time to study where you want to recreate this winter. For instance, Granite Peak offers massive savings on their Ski & Stay Packages when booked online. There are also plenty of offers for lift tickets, kid's specials, lessons, rentals and more; but like most resorts, Granite Peak rewards skiers and snowboards with greater value and savings when reserving in advance and doing it online. And be sure to inquire about Granite Peak's Monthly Family Festival Weekends.

  1. Gear-Up Your Gear

If you're not renting your gear, and let us say there are plenty of good reasons to rent (no lugging of equipment, the latest technology at your fingertips, and no tuning-up costs), your equipment has, most likely, been in idle for about 6-months or more. By all means have your skis sharpened and waxed, tune your board, and have a skilled tech look to see if there are any missing metal parts on your edges. Check your goggles and your helmet, make sure there weren't any uninvited guests hibernating in your boots (yes, we hear about that all the time), and make certain your kids haven't grown out of, well, everything.

  1. Prepare Thy Body

It's never too late, and never too early, to get yourself ski-season-ready. Cardio exercise is always beneficial, particularly if you're a hard-charging, ski and board all day and night type of person. With 75 different runs at Granite Peak, and three high-speed lifts, and night skiing, a little cardio does the body good. But stretching is important, too. Don't forget to work on your alternate and standing lunges, and then add a little weight when you're ready. Crunches and one-legged balance routines will also serve you well when it's time to shine.

Of course, there are many more tips to get you ready to ski and snowboard, but if you ever have any questions, always make certain to call Granite Peak Ski Area, our staff will take care of your needs, answer your questions, and get you pointed in the right direction.