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Let's talk skiing and nutrition

Kid eating

October, 2016

We don't think about skiing and nutrition very frequently. If we're on a ski and snowboard holiday, the fact of the matter is we generally have other concerns like the weather conditions, our equipment, the kids, lodging arrangements and the like. But at Granite Peak, the Midwest's number one ski resort and the leading ski resort for families, nutrition takes center stage, not just because of our new healthy dining options, but because nutrition does play a critical role in skiing.

Aggressive intermediate and expert skiers can burn 1,000 calories per hour so it's a good idea to eat healthy. Without question, start with breakfast, avoid hitting the slopes at Granite Peak without fueling-up your body first. We know that some of you simply aren't breakfast eaters, but when you're skiing, it really is very important that you, at the very least, have a banana and a granola bar, for instance, to jump start your metabolism.

Definitely snack throughout the day. Carbohydrates like bread, fruit and sugar products, along with protein, can minimize muscle wear-and-tear and damage. Your body will continue to burn calories throughout the day, so snacking frequently is good when you're riding in our terrain parks, or skiing the bumps at Granite Peak.

Lunch, like breakfast, is a must when you're spending the day on the slopes. Again, focus on carbs and protein. Items like a bowl of chili and a roll or slice of bread can do the trick. If you're looking for a salad, make certain to include some bread with it. A grilled chicken sandwich, BLT or even a plate of pasta will re-fuel you for an afternoon of great skiing with family or friends. Top it off with some fruit for the perfect balance of protein and something sweet. And always remember to stay hydrated the entire time you're on the mountain.

So, when you're heading to Granite Peak for a day or a weekend, with friends or with family, don't forget about nutrition. It's an important part of the skiing and snowboarding experience.