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Did you know that skiing prevents aging

Little Kid

October, 2016

Well, it's very true, and if you've been skiing all of your life, or recently introduced yourself to the sport, it's best to stick with it as the health benefits are remarkable. And Granite Peak, the Midwest's number one family ski resort destination, located in Wausau, WI, is the ideal mountain for people looking to be healthier, the older they become. For starters, skiing is a proprioception activity. The University of New Hampshire refers to proprioception as it relates to skiing as, "...an aspect of fitness that is defined as one's ability to feel the position of different body parts and the effort that goes into moving them." Because skiing, and snowboarding, too, involves so many different muscles and joints in your body that need to act in balance and harmony with each other, the more you ski, the more you'll enhance the awareness of this coordinated effort of moving your body parts. As the University of New Hampshire states, "This is important because proprioception weakens with age so the more you are involved in proprioceptive activities the less it will diminish."

And that's only the beginning. Skiing reduces aging because it's a load-bearing sport. And that load is you standing squarely on your feet. Your knees are the joints that need to bear the weight, so as you ski, your building strength not just in your joints, but also your bones. With that strength comes a certain likelihood that injuries when you get older might be less severe. The University of New Hampshire found that the more you ski later in life, the more you'll reduce knee injuries and damage from osteoporosis, while at the same time increasing your proprioception strength. And, depending upon how "hard" you ski, you'll build stamina as skiing is labeled a moderate aerobic activity. So, get to Granite Peak, from wherever you are in the Midwest, and together we'll prevent aging through skiing and snowboarding.