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Skiing is truly a multi-generational recreation


October, 2016

We see if every ski and snowboarding season. Not just on weekends, or holidays, or even a snow day. In fact, we see it all the time. Multi-generation skiing and snowboarding at Granite Peak, the Midwest's top family resort destination, is actually quite common. Often times, we'll see three generations of skiers; grandparents skiing with their grandchildren, nieces and nephews snowboarding with their aunts and uncles, and, of course, parents skiing with their children. And remarkably, many three generation skiing families are season pass holders; that's because skiing and snowboarding are healthy and fun forms of entertainment. A mountain like Granite Peak delivers a new experience every day for all age levels.

Our mountain of family fun, is exactly that. Fun for every generation, and skiing and snowboarding brings that unique quality of excitement and passion to a family. It also brings families together, strengthens their bonds, and provides a lifetime of passion and enthusiasm that few other sports can claim. Join us at Granite Peak in Wausau, WI and you'll see all ages skiing and snowboarding together. Nothing brings a smile to our faces more quickly than watching three generations skiing together.