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Our Customers Know The Value Of Midwest Skiing

Downhill Skiing

September, 2016

Granite Peak, the ski area where Midwesterners go for their ski resort vacation, is known for the value it provides families. So we asked our loyal customer, Mark Krolpolski, for his insights about Granite Peak. " A vacation should be the opposite of work: No stress and no concerns. When I want a vacation skiing, I want the same thing. And my family and I get that, and more, when we head to Granite Peak for our skiing holidays."

And Mark further explained why there's no stress. "It's easy to get to. I can leave Friday after work and I'm on the slopes Saturday morning. No long airport lines. No wait for my bags and gear to come off the plane. No worries getting to a resort miles away from the airport. I can bring our family's own skis, boots and poles, which saves us money, too. As does just hopping in the car and heading north."

Granite Peak truly is your Mountain of Family Fun and the ideal Midwest ski resort for families. "My sons learned to ski at hills in southern Wisconsin, but they learned to become good skiers at Granite Peak because of the expert instructors and the variety of runs with different degrees of difficulty. It's always challenging, and once you're down, you can get back up the mountain quickly due to the high-speed lifts," said Mark.

He continued, "Finally, there's nothing like the Midwestern hospitality that you find at Granite Peak and at the surrounding lodging establishments and restaurants. Easy to get to. Inexpensive and no headaches. It's the perfect place to relax while going downhill at 40 mph."

Mark and thousands of others understand the value that Granite Peak delivers to skiers and boarders throughout the Midwest. Ski season at Granite Peak is just around the corner. We'll see you soon.