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Snow Conditions to March On

March, 2018

Snow Conditions to March On

Though the calendar says that it’s spring, winter is still going strong in Wausau, WI. With 5 inches of fresh powder falling in just the last few days, it’s hard to believe this is March weather. If this is March Madness, sign us up! Springtime is usually known to usher in the slush and mud, but this year Granite Peak has 5 feet of base snow that just keeps on building.

This is the kind of winter weather that makes it possible for us to stay open longer, so you can get the most out of this ski and snowboard season. Everyone knows that spring skiing is impossible to beat, and this year it’s been extended! So get ready to break out the shorts and sunglasses and come hit the slopes all the way until April 15.

In honor of our 80-year anniversary, we’re offering Appreciation Packages fit for every group and occasion. From young adults to families, Granite Peak has a vacation package just for you—with a fully packed events calendar to top it all off. In addition to live music throughout the month, we’ve got our Brewfest with Live Music coming up and an entire weekend of festivities planned for St. Patrick’s day. Be sure to check out more of our March and April events here. Whether you’re planning a day trip or a Spring Break getaway, this is the year to head to Granite Peak. With the perfect combination of palmy temperatures by day and fresh snowfall by night, you won’t be disappointed.