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Year In Review: Top Ski Gadgets of 2017

February, 2018

Year In Review: Top Ski Gadgets of 2017

Our staff picks for the top ski gadgets:

  1. Abom Fog-Free Goggles-Skiers and snowboarders rejoice-there are finally goggles that are guaranteed to be fog-free! Clear vision makes all the difference when shredding, whether you're in the park or exploring the back woods. Press a button on these goggles and boom! You're fog free. We've been waiting years for tech like this to come out, and definitely won't miss wiping down our goggles in the cold.


  1. POC Auric Communication Helmet-Though POC built Beats by Dre wireless headphones into previous helmet models, the Auric Communication is the first to include the new speaker capabilities. Perfect for a day in the park or a ski trip with friends, the helmet keeps you safe and grooving at the same time.


  1. K2 Spyne 120 Heated Boots-Anyone who has skied knows the painful, toe-numbing cold that seems to plague them in every pair of ski boots. Though heated boot technology isn't quite new, K2 has worked to perfect the technology even further. Keep your feet warmer than ever in 2018 with their new Spyne 120 heated boots.


  1. Phoozy-Simple and yet oh-so-important, the Phoozy saves your phone from freezing on the hill. In a day and age when phones have become our constant companions, we're glad to finally have something to keep it alive and functioning in these cold Midwest winters.


  1. Zippo Hand Warmer-Speaking of phones, what good is a functional phone if your fingers are too cold to use it? The Zippo Hand Warmer is not only conveniently compact, but it's also an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable hand warmers! The Zippo is both safe and long lasting, keeping your fingers warm on even the coldest of runs.