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Light Up the Night: New Night Lighting


November, 2017

The season has officially started, and we can confirm: it's #lit over at Granite Peak. Thanks to our new Snow-Bright by Ultra Tech lighting, night skiing is better and brighter than ever before. Designed specifically for ski resorts and outdoor snow recreation facilities, Snow-Bright lamps are carefully tailored to provide illumination for skiers and snowboarders that is both highly effective and visually advantageous. The Snow-Bright lamps—encapsulated solid amalgam models—are replacing the metal halide lights used previously at Granite Peak. Unlike LED lights, which bounce off of the snow, Snow-Bright technology uses induction to make the light travel through the snow. By doing so, glare is greatly reduced and skiers are able to see the varied textures in the snow ahead of them. Rather than having distinct spots of light and dark from the lamps, as with LED, Snow-Bright illuminates the entire slope consistently throughout the run, making an enormous difference in the entire night skiing experience. Using innovative, revolutionary technology, Snow-Bright lamps are making the slopes of the Midwest's #1 ski resort brighter, better, and safer than ever.

The new lamps are not only a step up in performance and quality, but are also the next step forward in Granite Peak's continued efforts to champion sustainability. Each fixture will reduce its energy usage from 1000 watts to just 300 watts, which, combined with the 30% energy savings from the new snowmaking equipment, will significantly reduce the overall energy usage of the ski area. Granite Peak is investing wherever we can in a greener future, so that the great outdoors can be enjoyed for many generations to come.

In addition to preserving and protecting the environment, Granite Peak is committed to listening to our neighbors, and helping our community. With these values in mind, the Snow-Bright lamps will be diffused, and are in total compliance with Dark Sky guidelines. This will ensure that Wausau's nighttime skies stay starry and clear of additional light pollution—a view our nighttime skiers will also enjoy!