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New Ski More/Travel Less Website Ready For Visiting

Skis on snow

March, 2017

If you're thinking about visiting a ski resort out West with your family, visit our new website at www.skimoretravelless.com first. We show you cost comparisons between Breckenridge, CO and Granite Peak departing from cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Madison. And what about those cost comparisons? Well, they're pretty significant, as you can imagine.

But, there's also other valuable information at www.skimoretravelless.com. You'll find out more about Granite Peak Ski Resort, maybe even a few things you didn't know, and you'll learn about chairlifts, lodging, and some interesting tidbits about skiing out West.

Most of all, you'll discover the value and money savings in a Midwest ski resort destination. A vacation that can be enjoyed by all members of your family, regardless of their level of proficiency, no matter if they ski or board. Unlike the major resorts out West, Granite Peak has very short lift lines, if any, and parking at our resort is at the base of the mountain, not hundreds of yards away. Take the financial and travel stress out of your next skiing vacation and head to Granite Peak, and don't forget to head to our new website at www.skimoretravelless.com.