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If You Want to Reduce Stress, Then Go Skiing

Ski lift

January, 2017

That's right, health researchers and physicians have always recommended exercise for a healthy mind and body, but now they're saying that skiing can reduce anxiety and depression, lift moods, improve sleep, and can make you think clearer. And to that we say let's head over to Granite Peak Ski Area and start enhancing our mental health.

First, skiing reduces anxiety by taking your mind off of troublesome thoughts that constantly besiege us throughout the day. A change in an environment, experts say, particularly skiing on the slopes, will help you cope with the anxieties that occur from life's stressful situations.

Second, skiing makes the brain release neurotransmitters and endorphins that reduce the symptoms of depression. Like a lot of sports and recreational activities, regular exercise like skiing will help to prevent reoccurring depression.

Third, exercising outdoors, like skiing at Granite Peal Ski Area, can lift your mood and bring a sense of peace and calm to your being. Although all exercise is beneficial, experts agree that being outdoors has tremendous advantages that only fresh air can bring.

Fourth, if you want to improve your sleep, then definitely fit Granite Peak into your regimen. In fact, you can ski right up until three hours before your bedtime to maximize your great night's sleep. And you can easily do that at Granite Peak because of our nighttime ski offerings (we're open until 9:00PM Fridays and Saturdays and 8:00PM all other days).

Finally, according to the Franklin Institute, skiing may prevent cognitive decline and potential memory loss because the mental stimulation of skiing outdoors, exercises your brain as much as your body while at the same time causing you to think clearly and make good decisions.

So, who wouldn't want a better night's sleep, a reduction in anxiety, and a little mood lifting? Of course, we all would. So let's hit the slopes at Granite Peak Ski Area, the Midwest's Number One Family Ski Resort Vacation Destination.