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Getting Into The Helmet Habit

Helmet kid

December, 2016

At Granite Peak Ski Area, safety is always our top priority. Skiing and snowboarding is a beautiful and relaxing sport. It can be exhilarating, calming, rewarding and hair-raising, and that can happen on the same run. But like any sport, or even any recreational activity, accidents can happen and injuries can occur. Of course, most are very minor, but you'll always want to protect yourself from harm, and one place to start is with a good helmet.

Just because Granite Peak Ski Area boasts one of the finest, most highly skilled and trained ski patrols in the Midwest, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take some precautions when you spend the weekend at the Midwest's Number One Family Ski Resort Destination. In and of itself, the ski helmet makes an incredibly strong case for being a critical part of your skiing and snowboarding wardrobe. The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) reports that more than 90% of children are now wearing helmets, and this surge in the helmet habit is tremendous news. In fact, in 2003, less than 25% of all skiers and boarders wore helmets.

But helmet wearing decreases in adulthood. And that's too bad. Many adults believe their skiing prowess excuses them from wearing a helmet, and maybe it does, but why take the chance? Others believe it reduces visibility and thereby impacts reaction times, but studies conducted by the NSAA and the world-renowned Johns Hopkins University clearly indicate that none of this is really true. Well-fitted helmets, without question, reduce injuries and should be worn by skiers and snowboarders at any age and at any skill level.

Just as the bicycling industry has strongly promoted helmet safety, for all the same reasons the skiing and snowboarding industry does, too. At Granite Peak Ski Area, we encourage you to wear a helmet; after all, being safe on the slopes is what counts. So let's all get into the helmet habit.