Every place has a story; at Granite Peak, our story is legendary. This incredible mountain is home to forces of nature that conquer the glades, tame the trails, and soar over the snow. Discover the legends this season. Better yet, create your own at Granite Peak.

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A shock of red hair, a shift of the board, and before you know it, Little Shred Riding Hood is out of sight. Her appetite for carving the glades is unmatched, and her delight at darting between trees and whiling away hours on the mountain is undeniable. There are no wolves to fear at Granite Peak, but if you’re lucky, you might spy Little Shred.

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Jack, the Jib Slayer is in constant pursuit of the next feature to conquer. From rails to kickers, if he can get to it, he’ll hit it. You’ll catch a glimpse of him zipping through trails and launching off berms. Whether you come to Granite peak to play or slay, the spirit of Jack the Jib Slayer will inspire you to take one more run for good old-fashioned fun.

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The fairy tale ending at Granite Peak is a trail for every princess (and prince.) Senderella is the skier  who waits for no one. She glides off the lift and onto the trail with grace, then hammers down as she cuts and turns across the sparkling white corduory that covers the slopes of Granite Peak.  Catch her if you can.

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The mystique of the mountain after dark is something you have to see to believe. The Knight of Shadow Ridge is proof that legends come alive at night. Look for him as he zigs and zags, devouring the mountain with his skis. Treat yourself to the experience of Granite Peak, where snowflakes pile up and shine like diamonds.

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