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Sellouts, Snowmaking Facts & Bad Karma to Ski Thieves!

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Thank you for using our Advanced Ticketing System.  We have been certainly busy but by keeping our advanced tickets to a comfortable level the experience at the resort has been in my opinion great.  (But I am biased.)  Coming from a company like Peak Resorts and previous roles at East Coast resorts where volume was massive on holiday weekends, the simply busy crowd has been nice to manage.  So far this season we have sold out eight days 7 of those being "holiday" dates and then last Saturday, January 9th.

It's obvious that there is a huge desire to be in the outdoors this year and I don't blame anyone.  The Coronavirus continues to rear its ugly head into 2021 but there are a ton of things to be hopeful and happy about these days.  IMG_0829

  • Wisconsin active cases and new cases continue to plummet and have been on a downward trend since the beginning of 2021!
  • Vaccinations are starting to roll out in our region in large numbers as we are a hub for medical practitioners
  • Our Ski Patrol has been identified as first responders and many of our volunteer corp has received their first dose! 

While these are all great things we still have a long way to go to ensure the safety of our loved ones and others so please continue to mask up, wash your hands, and do your best to be socially distant while visiting our resort.  We will continue to cap our lift ticket sales to make the experience more enjoyable and less crowded on weekends.  I think this "capacity" limitation could be something of the future for our resort.  I like it and we are seeing a ton of people using the advanced ticketing program effectively.  



A few days ago a guest commented on our Facebook Page as to why Western Frontier and Infinity were not open as he had visited back around Christmas time and that we were making snow over there at that point and it looked quite good.  It is a very good question.  

The answer is because we chose not to make snow the last few weeks.  We certainly could have, temps were cold enough to but we had one big problem, humidity.  If you've been here since the first of the year you know that we've been pretty much cemented in this low level cloud & dense fog most of the time.  The moisture in the air actually was captured on trees, roofs and lift towers creating this beautiful rime ice that we don't see very much out here.  The relative humidity has been hovering in the upper 90 percentile.  Below is a photo from earlier this week showing the crystalized trees. Any additional moisture in the air would inevitably cause it to snow.  Cool right!?  Not really.135914564_1091913867951931_2107834178811421897_n (1)

If we were to turn on our fan guns or other snowmaking guns, even just a few, it would give those clouds 100% humidity and therefore snow to fall.  Not just on our resort but wherever the moisture was carried.  If you follow us on social media or even me you may have noticed that I wasn't too pleased with an incorrect report from a local TV station that claimed we were making snow and causing slick roadways.  We weren't making snow and we certainly weren't causing any roadways to be covered in snow.  Quickly that social media post got 60 comments and 69 shares within 30 minutes.  Not everyone loves snow.  We have a very good relationship with the local DOT in which we alert them to when we are making snow so it was  surprise to them and to us that this report came out.  

The pattern is changing and it looks like this week ahead the humidity drops along with the mercury.  We'll be firing back up and will march West to East to bolster base depths so that we're skiing well into spring! 

Western Frontier, Infinity, Top Notch, Sunset, Main Event, Miracle, Birch, Aspen, Upper/ Lower Dusky, Exhibition, Mystery, Slalom, Sundance WhiteWolf as well as the East Feeder trails to Mystery will all get a paint job between now and the end of the month.  There will be a few days where we could be making snow on open trails so keep an eye to the Snow Report and I will say that right now we are targeting to close the West for one day on WEDNESDAY to move our fan guns out of the West, do some preventative maintenance on Dasher as well as push out all of Infinity and Western Frontier.  Once we get Infinity and Slalom pushed out we won't likely touch them again until we have to.  We'll let you ski them in and mogul them up.  Hopefully Mother Nature helps us out.  Like maybe a little????  Things can change and I'll continue to update snow reports and social media every day so just be sure to check that out before you come to be prepared.  


Finally Friday night our team busted an 18 year old young man who was caught pretty much red handed stealing from our resort and from a guest (who happened to be an employee of ours.)  Thanks to the quick work of our lifts team we were able to identify the stolen skis and apprehend the young man.  He was arrested by the Marathon County Sheriff and faces a summons for a court date where he'll be charged with theft of services and property.  


I hate thieves.  I really hate ski & snowboard thieves.  We will continue to do our best to watch out for these types of individuals but we can't do it all the time.  Your gear is your responsibility while at our resort.  I've been lucky to be involved with a few sting operations in the past at other resorts and it feels gratifying to stop these types of people.  It felt good last night to get a really nice pair of skis back to their rightful owner.  

It was a long day for me on Friday but even longer for my little guy Ronan who skied all day with his friend Keegan and then had his Freestyle Ski Team Practice at night.  I got him an Apple Watch and tracked him on slopes.  Kid skied over 20,000 vertical feet and he's 7.  Pillow was not needed at 8:15pm in my office. 

Be good out there folks.  Be Kind.  It goes a long way.  

I'll see you on the slopes!  








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