Santa Likes it Cold

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Even though Mother Nature hasn’t blessed us with the natural snow that is normal for this time of year and this region, she certainly has helped us create a winter environment by dropping the temps this past week!  

Snowmaking took full advantage of temps in the single digits this past few days as they hammered (and I mean hammered) the East & the West for over 120 hours straight.  And not only was it made but it was made on opposite sides of the resort which makes it even more impressive.  

Shadowridge Main Event
Wildwood Sunset
Sidewinder Sweet Return
Mission Ridge Timber Wolf
Idle Wild White Lightning
White Wolf Snowshoe
Carver Top Notch
Charlotte’s Chute Hawk’s Ridge
Caroline’s Couloir  

This is no easy task as teams have to be split up and managers are basically going back and forth between areas to watch winds, snow quality and where the snow is falling.  Super important to watch as we have two of our main lifts Dasher and Cupid both in the path of our snowmaking operations.  

Our snowmaking system has numerous types of guns associated to it: fan guns, carriage (ground) guns, water sticks, “homies” and kid fan guns (cute little guys).  These each perform better at different temperatures and water pressure.  Most of the West operates off of water sticks and homies which work the best with the most water and the coldest temperatures.  In two nights these guns laid down some serious snow to allow us to push towards the west.  

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Over in the East we upgraded our electrical output this summer that included running new lines, new junction boxes, a new jumper house and it allowed us to continuously operate over there while we were in the West without missing a beat.  With little assistance from Mother Nature this year our snowmaking team has been working hard and working often! 

Due to the strong effort we’re going to have Dasher open this weekend!  That’s all of our lifts the weekend prior to Christmas Week!  Which I’m extremely happy with considering no snow from the winter god Ullr.  

Cupid will open back up on Friday and the Granite Peak Parks team is going to town in snowmaking on White Wolf and will be building out a top to bottom small/medium park on Idle Wild and Sidewinder for Saturday morning.  The park on Meadow will be going away by Saturday as well opening up more learning terrain for our ski school which has been super busy already!  

Here is my fun water color map: 

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 10.16.43 AM

The Lime Green is what is currently open as of Wednesday 12/16.  Blue is what will be open on Friday and orange is what will be open on Saturday.  Pink are areas where snowmaking is continuing this week and we are looking to open ASAP.  That would be Elk, Sky High, Black Bear, and a few other areas that we wanted to button up.  The next cold snap comes in with SANTA on Christmas Eve.  We’ll be burying the West while Santa delivers his toys!  Hopefully he can swing by and give our snowmaking team a wave.  

Lift Operations this weekend: 

9am – 9pm OPEN. 
Comet, Cupid, Blitzen, Blizzard.  9am – 9pm.  Frosty/Santa 10am – 5/6pm.  Dasher 9am – 4pm.  

Historic is Back!

This weekend we are happy to open up our Historic Chalet!  It will operate Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 8pm.  This will be a hosted seating lodge and will be limited in space to 25% occupancy.  The entrance to have a seat is going to be off the Historic Deck near the entrance to the cafe / bathrooms.  Our team will seat you and you’ll have an opportunity to order food upon sitting down from the bar and from our menu.  Keep in mind that we’ll be keeping a close eye on your time and that this isn’t (nor is Sundance) a place where you can simply lounge all day.  We don’t mind if business levels allow, but during the 11am – 5pm time frame we know we’ll be busy and we will limit your time in the lodge to 30 minutes please.  


We’ve been really happy with the continued use of masks in lines and our team monitors it daily at our main lifts.  Please remember that when you are inside you should also be wearing your mask anytime you’re not actively eating or drinking.  This means when you go get your food, go to the restroom or just to throw away your trash.  Please keep that in mind.  

Thanks again & Happy Holidays!  


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