Opening Day Plans

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Snowmaking Continues but here’s what to expect for opening day as of today.

Right now we feel confident with our snowmaking operations that we will have the most open terrain within the state of Wisconsin with multiple top to bottom runs off of two of our main lifts,  Comet and Blitzen.  With learning center  terrain off of our carpet of Blizzard.  


For runs we will have the following open:

  • Miracle
  • Birch
  • Lower Dusky
  • Exhibition
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Mystery 

There will be a small park off of Lower Dusky that Peak Parks will build out with a few features for our park enthusiasts.  

We are hopeful we can also get the Sundance trail off of the Upper Blitzen lift.  This will open up another advanced terrain option off the top of our mid-station style lift.  Our snowmaking team will be focused on this trail, finishing off Exhibition and the East (Santa) side of Mystery.  

That will total approximately 50 acres of terrain.  Below in shaded light green what we know we’ll have open and then the blue shade is what we are working on over the weekend.  If temperatures get to where we are hoping then we feel that we can get these trails open as well.  

Snowmaking will be on-going and we anticipate making our way into what we call the Superstion Loop (light blue) for our snowmaking system.  This loop includes trails off of the Santa & Blitzen chairlifts.  It includes trails like Superstition, High Traverse, Whitetail, Snowflake, Adios as well as a few other areas up atop the Blitzen chair.

After that we’ll be headed East and into the Cupid Loop where our terrain parks will live (yellow).  

Of course snowmaking is not a simple process.  We love Mother Nature but she can be a finicky woman sometimes when it comes to winter temperatures (as I write this it is currently 50 degrees outside and it will be 19 tomorrow night.)  So plans always change and our team meets daily to discuss our options.  Sometimes we can use water differently based on temperatures, the wind plays a factor in where snow lands and how we can achieve our goals etc.  

Just know we are out there at the ready anytime that temperature and wet bulb are at a point even close where we can make snow.  😉 

Now for our operations we’ll have the Sundance Chalet Open with limited and hosted style seating, a new bar, and of course our cafe with a new menu featuring fast grab and go items available.  Outside you’ll have the Historic Deck available for seating as well as our new tent and also the Sundance Deck.  The new Pizza Craft Kitchen on the Historic Deck will be open daily featuring four different styles of pizza with two crust options and a ton of CRAFT BEER.  

Ski School will be open with Privates offered Wednesday & Thursday with group lessons offered Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Office is open daily and if you have a season pass we highly encourage you to pick it up if you have not received it in the mail as of yet.  After today we WILL NOT be mailing out season passes any further.  Mail has been a little slower this year and we don’t want to have something not get to you in time.  

Lift Hours will be 10am – 9pm Wednesday – Sunday.  Office, Ski School, Rentals, and our Retail Shop will all open an hour before hand and remember that we ask you to please purchase in advance.  It will be mandatory on Saturdays & Sundays this year.  We know it’s a change but you’ll save money and it helps us better prepare our resort. 

Please remember a few COVID-19 related things:  

  • Wear A Mask – for your safety, our safety and the safety of others.  It is MANDATORY inside and in lift lines.  
  • BAGS are not allowed to be left or brought into our facilities and there will be NO LOCKERS please boot up at your car and leave your belongings out there. 
  • Be Kind.  We know this year has been tough.  And that things will be different.  Skiing and Snowboarding is a great sport to enjoy and outside. 

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