Opening Day – November 25th

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Snowmaking has resumed!  Our team worked hard to make the most snow we’ve ever made in the month of October and our commitment to one of Wisconsin’s longest ski season is still very much on the table.  Piles of snow still remained but as you can imagine 70 degree weather and the rain of November 10th hurt our snowpack enough that we’ll be pushing our planned opening back a few days to November 25th.  This will give our snowmaking team a few more days to get the snow on the ground and pushed out for skiing and snowboarding.  


That being said our team was back at it early this morning as temperatures in the last 24 hours have dropped nearly 40 degrees and we were able to resume our campaign.  

Snowmaking will continue at anytime we can make snow. We haven’t missed a day yet since late October and we don’t intend to until every last flake can be put on the ground and we are 100% open.

The outlook for the next 20 days is good with snowmaking nights scattered throughout and temperatures more seasonable during the day..

Below is the temperatures slated for our region early Friday morning which offers up our best shot in the immediate future for a sustained run.  

Friday's Forecast

Forecasts as you know are difficult especially those that are far out (we didn’t see the extreme warm up in November).  

Granite Peak is lucky to have one of the strongest snowmaking systems and teams in the Midwest and we will continue to push our system to get the most out of it.  

It’s still only November 11th and it is a long winter.  Good things come to those who wait and we’ll just be waiting a few extra days as long as Mother Nature continues to work with us and give us the temperatures we need to get you sliding on that crystalized surface we all enjoy.  

Unlimited Season Passes are still on sale through November 15th and our other passes go up in price after that so if you have any plans to ski with us this season more than a few times a season pass is the way to go!   

Stay safe out there and we’ll see you soon enough.  

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