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How Often Do I Need to Tune My Skies and Board?

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Granite Peak Editor

How Often Do I Need to Tune My Skis and Board?

Busy weekend skiing trips require post-care on your equipment

We’re more than halfway through the season and plenty of good times still lie ahead. If you’ve been giving your equipment a serious workout, it’s time to pause for a tune-up. Don’t start searching for the next ski weekend deals or planning your March ski trips without a little equipment TLC.

Our technicians at the Granite Peak Ski Rentals and Tuning Shop, https://www.skigranitepeak.com/tuning, recommend regular tune-ups when you’re shredding snow or tearing it up in terrain parks.

Your skis and boards should feel fresh as you carve and schuss down Sugar Maple. Skis should grip, take turns easily and slide on the snow with speed.

Snowboarding resorts get their share of thrill-seekers looking to upgrade the ride. Wax is their secret tool. When snowboarders transition to flat terrain you can slow down or even come to a stop. A proper waxing helps you glide right through those flats and on to more excitement.

Here are four areas to inspect every three to five times you hit the trails:

Base Damage

Examine the bases for flaking, scrapes and gouges. A dry, flaky white base really needs wax. Holes exposing the core should be repaired by a shop tech who can weld in new base material.

Rusty Sides

Scratched edges are ripe for rust damage and should be repaired and sharpened. Check with our Granite Peak technicians about sharpening your edges and removing burrs.

Wax On, Wax Off

You’re missing a great ride if you don’t wax your board or skis. The more you wax, the faster you’ll glide. Even if you’re not doing repairs, treat the bottoms with a good waxing throughout the season.

Bindings for Safety

Binding manufacturers recommend that a tech inspects your bindings at least once a year. An incorrect fit is the most common reason your bindings come undone during use. Do your own inspections each time you ski, looking for loose screws and making sure anti-friction devices and brake arms are intact.

The Granite Peak tuning shop makes maintenance easy for you whether you’re after a basic tuning or hot iron waxing. Stop in or check our website for services. Tuning can take 30-45 minutes and is done on a first-come-first-serve basis. An overnight drop-off is available so our technicians will have your equipment ready the next day when you’re ready to hit the slopes.

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