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Opening up in the midst of a pandemic has been tricky and we are learning everyday on how to handle our operations.  I want to thank everyone for  mostly adhering to our requirements.  As we’ve said all along expect changes and we’ve been doing our best to stay on top of the way our guests and season pass holders are flowing through our facilities and lifts.  It’s been a good test because demand is obviously there as many visited us this weekend!



Overall I can say I’m pleased with the amount of guests who are following our mask requirements in lift lines and chalets but we still have those who choose not to or might not be aware of them. I’ll say it again MASKS are required in the lift lines and we have been asking those who arrive at the lift, like a broken record sometimes, to pull up their mask.  We know it’s not comfortable for everyone and I’ll admit they can be a hinderance to have to pull it up constantly but it is our rule.  It is what is pretty much being done across the country within the industry through the SKI WELL, BE WELL protocols designed by the National Ski Areas Association.  I worked the lift line both Saturday (mild) and Sunday (cold).  Saturday I certainly was asking those to lift up their masks more often than Sunday.  As things are cool down save your face and adhere to our request.  🙂 

We have completely revamped our loading procedure at Comet to allow for a bit more distancing between parties and better control.  This will continue to be dialed in.  Saturday & Sunday went very well and most understood the new procedure. By Sunday we had complete compliance.  In the future when we don’t have to adhere to these guidelines this will actually help us load 6 to a chair every single time.  

If you weren’t here this weekend the Comet lift will now have three or more loading zones on the East Side with “ghost” lanes and we opened up the West Side to allow for another gated entrance.  We will have a manager calling out guest groups.  They will then proceed through the gates.  Another manager will load guests at the lift itself alternating from each side.  The chute can get backed up because we are not necessarily loading every chair 6 deep by having managers at each junction we can control the flow.

More signage is on the way this week for all of our lifts reminding guests to mask up while in line.  Guests may always request to ride alone or with just another party should they wish to do so.   

Inside we’ve been able to handle the occupancy levels no problem and I can’t thank all of our guests for getting changed at their cars and leaving gear there.  That has been a welcomed sign.  Thank you.  

We will be adding more seating around our ski school area and our F&B team is prepping the Food Trailer Sliders this week.  




It was amazing to see so many people having fun.  Mental health is important and the amount of tags on our Instagram feed was awesome.  And my own two kids were able to enjoy Granite’s fun.  Personally it was so nice to be welcomed and many introduced themselves this past week.  I feel like my inner circle crew like the Grinch’s Heart on Christmas Day.  🙂 That’s my little guy Logan (4) rocking the tunnels on lower Mystery.


We’re in for a good week ahead with snowmaking with some solid temperatures.  We should fire up Sunday night and we could be potentially making snow for a 48 – 50 hour window straight.  Our plan is to finish up connecting Sundance to Meadow/Hot Cocoa and also getting Mystery tree line to tree line.  This could be accomplished by Monday afternoon.  

With lows dipping into the teens and wet bulb temps even lower than that we’ll be very productive.  Which is making me very excited about what we could have here by next weekend.  

Currently we have approximately 55 acres of terrain open off two lifts see below: 


Tonight (Sunday) we’ll be firing up our snowmaking system back on Mystery, Snowflake, Superstition, High Traverse, Meadows and Sundance.  We will also be adding The Summit Trail as well as we will be making a move towards the Eastern Side of the mountain and wish to have this connection. (See below in green)

sunday_monday copy

Tuesday we’ll be making some major moves as we come of what we call the Superstition Line and move onto our Carver and White Wolf Loop.  We’ll also go back to the central area and fire up snowmaking on Upper Dusky, Aspen and the continue making snow in our base areas to widen skier traffic lanes. 

tuesday_wednesday_thursday copy

We already have 55 acres open the addition of these areas will bring our total up near 100 acres giving us 50% of our skiable acreage available on weekend #2.  We will continue our Eastern assault through the weekend if temperatures permit.  We’ll get to the West soon as we continue our “Warp Speed Winter” snowmaking operation.  


The Granite Peak Park Team will be moving the mini-park off of Exhibition and will be moving it to a new area of the resort but we’ll be making that decision later in the week as snowmaking continues. 

Now as we all know weather can change and we’ll see how it goes but if everything lines up the way it’s forecasted look for approximately 100 acres of terrain and up to 5 lifts in rotation next Saturday!  

It was so great to see so many people enjoying the outdoors and meet many, many loyal guests.  I’m proud of our team for adjusting on the fly and I’m proud of many of our guests for understanding the challenges that come along with opening.  

We will continue to strive to deliver a safe winter recreation to everyone and thanks for spending a little bit of your Thanksgiving with us.  


I leave you with one last note that I wanted to pass along.  A long time member of our Ski Patrol and an avid skier who was seen on the mountain often, Charles Luedtke, passed away Wednesday.  Charles Luedtke was a member of the 10th Mountain Division, received a Purple Heart and was honorably discharged from the Army in 1946.  Charles grew up in the Wausau region and served on Ski Patrol for 38 years.  I wish to pass along our condolences to his family and friends in our area and thank him for his service to our country and Granite Peak. Charles was 95.

That was a huge blog but it was a huge weekend for me personally.  It’s been what I’ve been working towards since I got here and I can’t wait for the next weekend to arrive.  

Be Safe.  Be Well.  Be You.  We’ll see you on the slopes or in the lift line!  Say Hello! 


Granite Peak’er since 2020

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