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2021-2022 SEASON PLANS 



We’ve learned a lot this season and we feel there are some good things that can come out of the limitations the COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us.  Below are some things we believe will make your experience that much more enjoyable.  All are a work in progress and we anticipate keeping you up to date on all of our plans for the upcoming 21/22 season throughout the “off” season - even though we plan to enhance that too.  

Limited Capacity makes skiing a lot more enjoyable!  
  • We anticipate limiting our capacities as we did this year during peak holidays and weekends.
    • This new approach created more space for guests and limited lift waits and more.  
    • Skier Daily Ticket Numbers in which we will reach capacity will be slightly higher than our current sell out days this year and we will also be limiting the number of Unlimited Season Passes sold so that overall capacity limits can be maintained. 
    • We feel this is the best approach for us moving forward but will never limit the amount of season pass holders that can visit our resort during the valid dates of each pass.  
      • We do not anticipate nor do we wish to have capacity limitations inside our Chalets, but feel by keeping our numbers less than our large crowds of years past the experience will be much more enjoyable by all parties.  
      • We will also continue to have “hostess” in our chalets and will limit table usage throughout the day and will not allow people to simply camp out while others ski to save seats.. 
Keeping Bags Gear Outside our Chalets
  • While it can be a bit of a burden we felt this really helped keep our lodges clean, clear of equipment and more pleasant.  We will continue to ask guests to get ready at their cars in the future and limit bags within our Chalets especially on weekends.  
  • In doing so we are also looking at new locker areas
Sundance Chalet Operations & Historic Chalet Restaurant to Stay
  • The Historic Chalet was converted into a restaurant this year and we feel this was a huge success.  We will build upon this in the future and feel that we can make this into an even better high end experience in the future with more menu choices, better liquor and cocktails and more.  
  • Sundance is our largest of the two venues and it only made sense to operate this daily.  It provides much better flow and we will continue to enhance this lodge with more TVs and other beautification for your enjoyment. 
Lift Loading & Lift Times
  • Lifts will continue to have Lift Mazes and Managers moving into 21/22. 
  • While this year the idea was to alleviate people from riding together if they didn’t want to in the future we can put 6, 4, 3 to a chair every time 
    • This will enable us to put more butts in seats as we load the lift and lessen lines.  
  • Starting in late February we started to experiment with earlier openings of Comet (8am) and and later closing of Dasher.
    • Early season snowmaking and heavy grooming pushing requires later openings more thought and discussion will take place on this over the next few weeks. 
More Events & Added Value
    • Look for more events and fun family style entertainment in 2021/2022.  
    • We took a cautious approach this year but will be looking to ramp it up next season with music, on-snow events, and more with local partner businesses! 
Adding More TVs and WiFi to our Chalets 
  • We realize this is a technology driven world and we are working with local organizations like Spectrum to increase our WIFI and cabling systems within our Chalets and overall base area for the future.  
Improving Our Snowmaking Output in the West
  • Last year we added more electrical upgrades to the East which enabled us to make snow faster over there. 
  • Now we intend to move into the West with some infrastructure upgrades that include more low-e tower guns, fans and potentially lights over off of Dasher
New Website, Phone System & Customer Service 
  • We will be upgrading our website as well as our phone system this summer into something more user friendly. 
  • Look for this to launch sometime towards the fall.  
New Outdoor Food & Beverage Operations including more seats & heating!
  • Plans and developments for this continue to be developed but we are currently exploring ideas to expand our current Historic Deck to the area where our tent currently sits as well as adding more ambiance and overall flow to the Sundance Deck Area.
New Fall Festivals
  • Look for fun in the fall including chairlift rides, fall festivals an Oktoberfest on September 25th and more. 


Any Season Pass can be cancelled prior to opening day for any reason without penalty if purchased prior to the September 30, 2021 early season deadline. Season Passes are non-refundable and cannot be transferred if purchased after September 30th unless the Pass Protection Plan has been purchased.