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How Does Granite Peak Compare?

Of course you can afford a winter vacation - or two!

If the thought of taking a winter vacation has you worried about the family budget, disappointing the kids, or spending two days in airports just getting somewhere…RELAX. We have your family vacation for thousands of dollars less than a trip out west or to Florida.

It’s such a great value, you could several times and still spend far less than you would on a trip to the Rocky Mountains or Disneyworld. Best of all, you don’t have to spend two days of your vacation in airports or get charged exorbitant fees for wanting to bring your skis or a couple of bags. You just load up the car, with everything you care to bring, and head to Granite Peak.

We have everything your family wants from a great ski vacation: 74 runs, terrain parks, complete snowmaking and expert grooming, night skiing and every amenity you can imagine – from great restaurants to night life to theater to indoor pools and spas. We’ll take good care of you, and we’ll start by saving you two days of travel and thousands of dollars in vacation costs.

Drive Time to Granite Peak

Travel to Granite Peak is easy... just load the family in the car (on your schedule - when you’re ready), and drive the few hours to Wausau.

  • Green Bay/Appleton: 1.5
  • Madison: 2
  • LaCrosse: 3
  • Milwaukee: 3
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul: 3
  • Rockford: 3
  • Chicago: 3.5 - 4
  • Springfield: 6
  • Des Moines: 7
  • Indianapolis: 7.5
  • St. Louis: 8

Comparison of 5 Night Ski Vacation

Granite Peak - Holiday Inn & Suites

Travel Time: 9 Hrs
Travel Cost: $102
Lift & Lodging (Holiday Inn & Suites – Rothschild): $835
Total: $937

Copper Mountain - Holiday Inn

Travel Time: 19 Hrs
Travel Cost: $1639
(Shuttle price stayed the same...Free Shuttle from Holiday Inn to Copper)
Baggage Fees: $500
Lift ($1002)and Lodging (Holiday Inn Summit County-Frisco 5 Nights $985): $1987
Total: $4126

Copper Mountain - Beaver Run Resort

Travel to Copper Mountain
(Flying Chicago to Denver)
Travel Hours: 9.5 One Way
(1 hr packing)
1 hr travel to airport
2 hours in airport before flight
2.5 hr flight
1 hr after flight getting baggage
2 hr drive from airport to Copper Mountain
Travel Cost: $1,467
4 Person Airfare & Shuttle (airfare $1031, shuttle $436)
Baggage Fees: $500
Based on one checked bag and one ski bag per person (1st checked bag $25, oversized bag $100)
Lodging and Lift Tickets: $2,782
(Lodging: $1,780, Tickets: $1,002)
4 days skiing, 5 nights lodging
Total: $4,749

Granite Peak - Jefferson Street Inn

Travel Time: 9 Hrs
Travel Cost: $102
Lift & Lodging (Holiday Inn & Suites – Rothschild): $835
Total: $937