The Mountain

Granite Peak Snow Report

The cold temps have finally arrived and our snowmaking crew has been working around the clock. We have made some awesome snow over the last few days. Our opening date is Friday, November 27th. We will be open for skiing and riding all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am - 9pm. We will open again on Thursday, December 3rd with night skiing from 4pm - 9pm and open with our regular hours for the rest of the season. We will offer a couple of main runs serviced by Comet our 6 person high speed lift and the beginner area serviced by Frosty, our surface lift. Let's get ready for another awesome winter!!!

Natural Snowfall (last 7 days): "
Average Base: 0"
Runs Open: 0

Notes on Surface Conditions

Depending on recent weather we list the groomed runs as follows:

  • Power-tilled: the general groomed surface we often refer to as corduroy.
  • Packed Powder: groomed surface when 4 or more inches of snow has fallen during the last few days.
  • Powder: 4 or more inches of new snow since surface was last groomed.
  • Spring Conditions: occurs during warm days and cool nights of spring. Groomed nightly, usually firm in early morning, breaking a soft corn-snow surface mid-day and often soft in afternoon.

Lift Status

Lift Name Lift Open Information Open Schedule
Cupid Express No

 New High Speed Quad lift servicing the eastern runs



Blitzen No

Triple chair with midpoint unload and load serving all terrain levels.

Comet No

High speed six chair, serves intermediate and advanced terrain.

Dasher No

High Speed Quad lift servicing the western runs

Santa No

Triple chair serving beginner runs.

Frosty-the-Snowman No

Conveyor surface lift in the beginner learning area.

Blizzard No

New 600’ High Speed Sunkid Conveyor Lift


Run Status

Run # Run Name Status Difficulty
28 10th Mountain Glade Closed   Most Difficult
Adios Closed   Easiest
Ambition Closed   Easiest
43 Aspen Opening Soon - Snowmaking More Difficult
6 Bear Paw Closed   More Difficult
37 Birch Run Opening Soon - Snowmaking More Difficult
30 Black Bear Closed   Most Difficult
66 Bobcat Closed   Most Difficult
22 Carmie's Couloir Closed   Most Difficult
12 Caroline's Couloir Closed   Most Difficult
14 Carver Closed   Most Difficult
11 Charlotte's Chute Closed   Most Difficult
16 Cottonwood Closed   More Difficult
61 Coyote Gulch Closed   More Difficult
42 Deer Pass Closed   Easiest
27 Eastern Glade Closed   Most Difficult
48 Elk Run Opening Soon - Snowmaking Most Difficult
73 Enchanted Forest Closed   Easiest
49 Exhibition Opening Soon - Snowmaking Most Difficult
41 Fawn Crossing Closed   Easiest
26 Fox Paw Closed   Easiest
65 Gem Stone Closed   More Difficult
53 Hawk's Ridge Closed   More Difficult
33 Hidden Haven Closed   Easiest
21 Hideaway Closed   Most Difficult
20 High Traverse Closed   More Difficult
35 Hot Cocoa Opening Soon - Snowmaking Easiest
3 Idlewood Closed   Most Difficult
63 Infinity Closed   More Difficult
60 Legends Closed   More Difficult
39 Little Bear Closed   Easiest
62 Main Event Closed   Most Difficult
13 Mama Mie Closed   Most Difficult
70 Maple Glades Closed   Most Difficult
24 Meadow Ridge Closed   Easiest
34 Meadows Opening Soon - Snowmaking Easiest
74 Middle Kingdom Glade Closed   More Difficult
38 Miracle Opening Soon - Snowmaking More Difficult
7 Mission Ridge Closed   More Difficult
32 Mystery Closed   Easiest
1 Overlook Closed   Most Difficult
59 Panorama Closed   More Difficult
29 Prange's Glade Closed   Most Difficult
64 Red Quartz Closed   More Difficult
31 Reindeer Opening Soon - Snowmaking Easiest
10 Rendezvous Closed   More Difficult
51 Ry's Surprise Closed   Most Difficult
2 Shadowridge Closed   More Difficult
5 Sidewinder Closed   More Difficult
69 Silver Birch Closed   More Difficult
50 Sky High Run Closed   Most Difficult
47 Slalom Closed   Most Difficult
25 Snowflake Closed   Easiest
52 Snowshoe Closed   More Difficult
40 Spruce Glen Opening Soon - Snowmaking Easiest
9 Stonebridge Closed   More Difficult
44 Stone's Throw Opening Soon - Snowmaking Easiest
36 Sugar Maple Opening Soon - Snowmaking More Difficult
45 Summit Trail (no easy outlet) Closed   More Difficult
46 Sundance Opening Soon - Snowmaking Most Difficult
68 Sunset Closed   More Difficult
17 Superstition Closed   Most Difficult
55 Sweet Return Closed   More Difficult
71 Thunder Glades Closed   Most Difficult
67 Timber Pass Closed   More Difficult
56 Timber Wolf Closed   More Difficult
57 Top Notch Closed   More Difficult
15 Wedgewood Closed   More Difficult
58 Western Frontier Closed   More Difficult
72 Western Glades Closed   Most Difficult
54 White Lightning Closed   More Difficult
8 White Wolf Closed   Most Difficult
18 Whitetail Closed   Easiest
4 Wildwood Closed   More Difficult
19 Woodspur Closed   Most Difficult

*Tree skiing runs are not groomed.