Base Village

Historic Stone Chalet

This historic stone chalet is named after the renowned World War II army alpine division. The 10th Mountain Division, trained to fight and travel on skis, fought many battles in the mountains of Europe against Hitler and his allies. Following the victory in World War II, members of the 10th Mountain Division returned home and opened or founded most of the ski areas that we have in the U.S. today.

The historic chalet was built in 1939 to replace a temporary structure that had served the ski area since its opening in 1937. Funds for the chalet were raised by the Marathon Civic Corporation, a local community group that is still active with the ski area today. The Historic Chalet was built of native stone to ensure its longevity, and two massive stone fireplaces, with hearths on both of the building's two level.

In honor of a local member of the 10th Mountain Division who was killed in World War II, and who was also a particularly accomplished skier at Rib Mountain during the early years, one of the rooms is named the Joe Duskey room.

Over the last fourteen years, Granite Peak has completed a major renovation and refurbishing of the Historic Chalet, both inside and outside. The stone work has been refurbished, siding has been replaced, interior pine paneling has been added, new carpet and tile laid, a new kitchen and a new tavern installed.